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10 Effective Tips for Losing belly fat (With the help of Medical Science)

For some people, the appearance of excess weight around their middle part is a major problem.

But the biggest problem is the growing health risks from belly fat, says psychologist and registered nutritionist David Creel, Ph.D.

The size of your waist is related to the fat under your skin and the fat around your organs. While the oil under the skin is probably something we notice when we look in the mirror, visible oils are very dangerous.

Researchers have shown that excess fat around our organs increases the risk of metabolic disorders, including:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Fatty liver disease.
  3. Heart disease and high cholesterol.
  4. Polycystic ovary syndrome.

Obesity increases the risk of poor sleep, joint pain, and various cancers.

For a male at birth (AMAB), a waist circumference of up to 40 inches indicates risk. For women assigned to birth (AFAB), a 35-inch red flag is raised.

But unfortunately, losing weight in the middle is not as easy as exercising a few times a week.

Patients want to know why they can’t just sit down and melt the fat, says Dr. Creel. When you set it tightens the abdominal muscles, but it does not refer directly to the fat or loose skin near our abdomen. It is also important to understand where we get obesity. Whether we do it or not, affects our genetics.

Although genetics can be a barrier, and we cannot lower our fat, Dr. Kreil says there are still tricks we can use to cut belly fat.

Exercise and strength training

Exercise that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat more often helps you lose weight – both nerve and subcutaneous fat. Aerobic exercise burns total calories and help you reduce your body fat, especially if you make changes in your diet at the same time.

Drs. Kreil says the key to fat loss seems to be a shared vision. They recommend doing at least 150 minutes of cardio each week while adding two to three days each week for full-body strength training.

“Any extra muscle relaxation will increase calorie burn, while cardiovascular exercise will improve our body during and after exercise,” said Drs. Creel. “Exercise can have a positive effect on weight, helping us to control our sleep better and more emotionally.

Limit extra sugar and high-calorie beverages

Eating too much sugar is associated with excess weight that may be accumulated in your waistline. Drinking too many sugary drinks and fruit juice can be very dangerous.

“When we consume our calories, especially in soda or juice, we do not feel satisfied or satisfied compared to chewing those calories,” notes Drs. Creel. For example, you can eat three mangoes with the same amount of calories as a large glass of mango juice and feel full for a long time.

Find out how many calories you eat in calories and try to reduce them where possible.

Reduce stress as often as possible

When you feel depressed, your body may release the stress hormone cortisol into your bloodstream. Although it can lead to weight gain, there is a strong link between increased cortisol and higher levels of nerve fat.

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If you want to reduce stress, do all you can to reduce stress. Drs. Creel describes yoga, meditation, therapy, and physical activity as ways to lower your stress levels.

Although cortisol levels play a role, the bigger problem may be that when we are very depressed, we don,t care about our diet, says Doctors It is normal for people to turn to food in order to relax or divert attention from stressful life situations.

Eat extra fiber

Eating fiber-rich foods like lentils, lentils and bananas can help you fill your stomach for longer.

These foods are rich in soluble fiber, which can be dissolved in water to form a sticky gel and slow down the passage of food from the stomach to the intestines.

In addition, creating a balanced diet that includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables add extra fiber to our diet.

When you eat high-fiber foods, you usually eat less processed foods, says Dr. Creel.

Limit alcohol

Studies show that if you drink a lot of alcohol, your stomach fat may be higher than that of people who drink alcohol or are regular.

In addition to the extra calories you eat by drinking more alcohol, alcohol can lower your resistance.

You can get cheese with your beer or cheese, said Dr. Creel. Yeah, those things go well, but you eat extra calories and you probably don’t care what you eat and how much you eat.

If you drink more than two drinks a day, try to determine how much you drink.

Eat protein throughout the day

Make sure you include protein in your diet. Options include meat, fish, eggs, milk, and beans.

Studies show that protein helps you feel full, lowers your appetite levels, and may help you to eat less at the next meal.

“We do not need to eat a high-protein diet as we need to include enough protein that spreads throughout the day,” said Dr. Creel.

Drs. Creel also says you should aim to include protein in your diet. At that time we used to eat a lot he notes. “Try eating Greek yogurt or string cheese, which may make you feel satisfied.

Choose healthy carbohydrates

Carbohydrates get a bad rap. But not all carbohydrates are bad for you.

Instead of eating white bread, pasta, chips, and crackers – digested carbohydrates that are low in fiber and can raise blood sugar – choose whole grain bread and complex carbohydrates like pasta, brown rice, and beans. Do it

Balance, diversity, and balance are still important, says Drs. Creel. It works.

Do not miss sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important. It can improve your immune system, improve your mood and increase your productivity, among other things.

When it comes to belly fat and weight loss, our sleep can affect ghrelin and leptin, hormones that increase appetite.

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“One thing we do know is that if we do not get enough sleep or sleep, it can actually affect our appetite hormones,” says Dr. Creel. Lack of sleep is actually a biochemical reaction, which is why we need more food and calories.

Plan to sleep seven hours or more a night. Turn off electrical appliances one hour before bed, choose to sleep, and try to keep bedtime and wake up regularly.

Look at what you eat and exercise

Research shows that by keeping a food diary and getting into your work, you are setting yourself up for success.

People who try to lose weight are often better off if they monitor their diet and exercise, says Doctor. Creel. We do not know all of these reasons, but the potential for realizing our mental health and behavior is deliberate.

By following your diet, you are more likely to make better decisions. You can reconsider eating these potato chips and using carrots for breakfast instead.

And the use of fitness trackers, whether a smartwatch or an app, can encourage you to wear those shoes and walk around the block.

Banned dinner yesterday

Guilty of pushing your favorite TV show and eating breakfast without thinking?

Then you will be looking for ways to stop these nightmares.

Although there is little evidence that occasional fasting is better than other methods of weight loss, Drs. Kreil says he has patients who have successfully controlled their weight by reducing their meal times during the day. Do it

For example, you can fast for 16 hours (usually overnight) and eat all your food for eight hours a day.

Some people find it helpful to take time to eat, especially at night, says Dr. Creel. Some people will skip meals after 6 or 7 o’clock at night because they know that the night is when they eat too much and indulge in junk food.

Drs. Krell recommends talking to your doctor about which weight loss program is right for you. You may even want to talk to a registered dietitian who can help you find out where you are struggling.

While we can’t pinpoint accurately where we are losing every pound of weight, it is important to remember that reducing our calorie intake and regular exercise can improve fat loss, said Doctor. Creel. This method is reduced, says Dr. Kreil.” By reducing 5% to 10% of your body weight, you can improve blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, mobility, and sexual function.

And whichever way you try, Dr. Creel advises that building a routine, staying consistent, and practicing patience can help you stay motivated.

Do not forget the benefits of your new behavior, even if you do not see significant weight loss, he recommends. Small changes can lead to significant health and body fitness benefits. But it can take time, so patience is important.


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