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10 Tips for Running A Successful Instagram Contest

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Ten Most Useful Tips for Running A Successful Instagram Contest

Social media (instagram) is all about connections. The most successful companies have tapped into this potential.

One glance at the present social media giants shows that businesses, individuals and brands are interacting with their followers in various ways. Contests on social media are among the most efficient and well-known methods to reach out.

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Use the top Instagram analysis tool available, to keep an eye on your performance when you run these contests. If you have the correct information, you’ll be able to increase the amount of engagement.

On Instagram, remarkably increasing brands employ this method to build and grow their followers. Here are ten simple steps to conduct the perfect Instagram contest efficiently and effortlessly.

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The first thing you need is credibility and substance. Every social media post should have the contest’s name or an image differentiating it from other games.

On Instagram, visuals are the most prominent method of communication. Therefore creating an appealing title and image in conjunction with the announcement of the contest is an effective method of drawing interest. Apart from creating a memorable name and photo, it is also beneficial to pick an appropriate subject.

Combining these three elements will guarantee a positive beginning for the Instagram contest. We’ve even witnessed Tony Hawk hiding skateboards in random locations and posting photos of landmarks to help his followers into the site of the skateboard as well as the possibility of winning.

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Visuals are essential in the creation of contests. The #SonyX game by Sony asked users to upload photos of themselves sporting Sony headphones to win prizes daily. Brands that use images for advertising their Instagram contests have more successful outcomes.


After you’ve established the parameters of your contest, it’s now time to define its objectives. What is the primary goal of your game on Instagram? Do you want to draw followers? Are you trying to launch an innovative product? Do you want to celebrate an important moment in the company’s history?

There has to be an overarching reason for an Instagram contest, or people will not feel inclined to join in. Sure, clever marketing and engaging images can bring some people in. However, a game that doesn’t have any real motive behind its existence won’t be a massive draw for the participants.

The same is true for contests that should only be held infrequently. If brands organise games every couple of weeks, the power of their brand will be severely weakened. They’ll become too routine that your customers will not care about them.


Clear rules should be laid out in advance and transparently. Before allowing any person to participate in the game, companies need to be clear on the laws of the contest to ensure that the fight is fair and enjoyable for all participants.

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The specific rules may differ between contests; however, the entry limit should generally be one per participant age limit, age restrictions or parental permissions are mandatory, and a fair and fair atmosphere must be maintained. Under these conditions, the contest should go without a hitch.


Another vital aspect to consider is the target audience. Based on the brand, businesses could have an established target audience to a vast group of customers from different kinds of races, ages and beliefs, and economic classes. In any case, contests require a specific public, even if the company’s fan base is clear.

The reason for having a strict area of focus is that it might not always be feasible to appeal to the needs of the entire audience. With a clear target audience, contests will succeed more effectively.


While organising contests in a controlled manner and with minimal participants, it is crucial to keep them short of giving an atmosphere of urgency. Games for too long can fade in popularity since people stop thinking about them after a certain amount of time. It is better to organise contests for short periods and provide frequent updates and announcements of the progress and updates to ensure that your audience is interested.

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Suppose the game can act as an episodic story, with a possibility of progression and finally a prize the more enjoyable. Additionally, limiting the duration of contests helps prevent things from getting out of control. Yes, having more contestants is generally an excellent thing. However, it can turn into a burden for contest organisers past an arbitrary point.


The entry process must be as easy. Simple entry into the game won’t just create more discussions about the contest but can also reduce frustrations and ensure that the talks are constructive.

If a straightforward entry process, it’s crucial to keep up-to-date with information regarding the contest. The simpler the process is for the public, the less likely the game will see an impressive turnout of participants.


Advertising and social media are inextricably linked since different brands have tinkered with features to design highly successful advertising campaigns. Instagram has a lot of options and features to advertise contests, ideas, and products.


Brands that are on Instagram should use Instagram’s numerous features to increase the exposure for their competitions. These features include sharing photos and videos, sending direct messages to users, and creating custom Stories. Utilising these tools for promotion regularly will maintain participation and discussions on the topic and eventually result in greater satisfaction for the company.


In addition to Instagram’s vast advertising tools, numerous brands have their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. While the contest is happening on Instagram, advertising does not require a limit to the same extent.

Brands must promote their contests across all platforms that are. This increases the popularity of the Instagram contest and can also increase the amount of traffic across every social platform. The advantages of advertising elsewhere include greater visibility and marketing potential and spreading influence across multiple social media spheres.


As mentioned earlier, contests are much more enjoyable to follow if they are similar to the narrative. The audience wants some progress for the game. And that means offering an enthralling conclusion to the whole. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is to communicate the prize awarded at the end of the contest, so people know what to expect.

Additionally, revealing the prize (and creating excitement) guarantees that participants will be motivated to participate in the contest in the first place. Brands who make Instagram contests must be aware of the significance of prizes for the people who are watching; they require more motivation to participate in the game rather than simply being able to boast about it or get an idea on paper.

  1. Present the winner

While people might be content with a large prize, there’s an additional factor to the winner’s focus. Contest participants want an end-of-the-line reward. They need to know that there is an award and that someone has won the prize. Brands can easily give this end to the story by announcing the winner via an announcement or post of congratulations.

Take, for instance, Ben and Jerry’s contest #CaptureEuphoria the company reached its fans to share photos of the joy their Ice cream brings. The winners received the spotlight, with their Instagram accounts receiving immediate recognition and their photos appearing as the official Ben and Jerry’s ads. An acknowledgment of a bit of appreciation can go a long way in boosting the popularity of an already well-known contest.

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