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11 Best Grocery WordPress Themes

Best Grocery WordPress Themes

Grocery WordPress Themes Over the years at Reviews N Guides, we have reviewed and analyzed some of the most popular themes in various categories available in the market. In this article, we take all that information and turn it into a list of the top-rated themes that are suitable for eCommerce stores.


Wicomb is an eCommerce theme for WordPress. It’s a responsive theme with a clean and modern design, making it suitable for grocery stores.

The built-in reviews system allows customers to rate their purchases and leave comments about your store or products.


Storemart is a free WordPress theme for grocery stores, which means it’s not just limited to selling groceries. You could use this theme to sell anything from clothing to electronics to books. It comes with a clean design and the ability to add your own color scheme and logo via CSS customization.

The Storemart theme has all the features you’d expect from an eCommerce store: product pages with zoomable images, filtering options for products based on price or category (like “Bakeries”), and social share buttons at the top of each page, and more. If you’re looking for something in particular but don’t see it here then check out our guide on what makes good WordPress themes so you can start building your own custom website today!


Shopkeeper is a responsive theme that’s perfect for grocery stores and supermarkets. It has a clean, modern design and comes with several built-in features to help you create your online shop.

  • Built-in store locator: You can add location information to help customers find you on Google Maps or other mapping services. The store locator will also display the distance between each store location so that shoppers can make informed decisions about where they want to go (and maybe pick up some extra items on their way).
  • Review system: Customers love leaving reviews on websites like Yelp! because it helps them decide whether or not they want to visit an establishment or purchase a particular product before actually making the trip there. Creating this kind of user feedback is also essential when running any business because it increases customer satisfaction while increasing sales at the same time!
  • Social sharing buttons: These are some of the most popular ways for people online today when share content from their favorite sources such as blogs like ours here at Theme Junkie Blog writing about blogging…
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Savemart is a responsive theme that can be used by grocery stores, supermarkets or food stores. It comes with six different demo sites that you can choose from. The theme also has a drag-and-drop page builder which allows you to easily create your own pages and change the layout of your site with just a few clicks.

Supermarket 2

Supermarket 2 is a responsive theme with a clean design. It is optimized for mobile devices and has several features that make it easy to navigate your store, including:

  • A responsive design
  • Mobile-friendly features
  • An easy-to-use back-end interface

Organic food

In order to be labeled “organic,” a food product must be produced through approved methods, including using animals fed without antibiotics or growth hormones.


Marketo is a fully responsive theme that looks great on any device. It’s optimized to load quickly and has built-in SEO, so your site will rank higher in search engines. Marketo is also compatible with WooCommerce, giving you the ability to sell products through your grocery store website. The theme is packed with features such as an event calendar, custom widgets, and much more!

With its clean lines and attention to detail, Marketo makes it easy for customers to navigate the site without getting lost. The menu bar at the top of each page includes links to all of your most important pages (such as contact information), making it easy for customers to find what they need quickly.

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Martfury is a premium WordPress theme for grocery stores. This responsive theme has a clean and modern design that looks great on any screen. It comes with 7 different homepage layouts, allowing you to create your own unique landing page. Martfury is also WooCommerce compatible, meaning that it can be used as a multipurpose website with e-commerce functionality.

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Martfury has many useful features such as:

  • 3 header styles (simple, transparent, and fullscreen)
  • Product carousel slider
  • Top bar navigation menu at the top of every page

It’s easily one of the best grocery WordPress themes I’ve seen. A favorite, for sure.

Shop island

Shop island is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress theme for grocery store websites. This free theme comes with many features such as a responsive layout, a beautiful header image that can be changed using the theme options panel, two-column layout, social media integration and more. Shop island is very easy to set up and use on your WordPress website.


MyBazaar is a responsive multipurpose theme for WordPress. It is suitable for any kind of supermarket, grocery store, bakery, market, market, food and beverage store, etc.

MyBazaar is a multipurpose theme that can be used to build an online store for any niche. This template comes with 6 homepage demos and multiple header styles (1+2). Moreover, it has numerous customization options like Mega Menu builder plugin support which allows you to add advanced menus anywhere on your site using a simple drag-and-drop interface without writing any code at all!


Norebro is a clean and minimal WordPress theme for grocery stores. It comes with a responsive design that looks great on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The theme is fully customizable so you can use it as an eCommerce site or just as a blog. You will also be able to customize the header image and add your own logo to make it look more like your brand.

Best Grocery WordPress Themes: Conclusion

I hope that this article has given you some great ideas for your next food and grocery store website. I know that it can be difficult to find the right theme for what you need, but if you take the time to look at all of these options, I think one will stand out for its clean design or unique features. It’s important not just because it looks good but also because it will give customers a positive experience from start to finish with their shopping experience!


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