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9 Tips For Custom Journals In 2022

We are dedicated to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. After viewing links in our content, we may receive a commission from purchases. Learn more about our review process. Custom journals are a creative organizational system that many people use as an alternative to traditional monthly or weekly planners. The best paper custom journals have a grid-dot format that allows you to easily customize your page layout. Still, others prefer blank pages or rule pages. When you’re choosing the best paper custom journal, it’s important to consider the type of cover, binding, and paper weight (as this will affect the type of pen/marker you use).

Read on to find the best paper custom journals to buy today.

Enda Dot Matrix Custom Notebook

This Anda Dotted Grid Custom Notebook is a basic, no-frills option, perfect for beginners who don’t want to spend a fortune on a decent paper custom journal. It has all the features you want in your first paper custom journal: a sturdy faux leather hardcover, interior pockets, extra elastic closure, and plenty of room for notes. The pages are also made from acid-free paper that can withstand damage from light and air for long-lasting performance. The customizable notebook is small enough to slip into a purse or bag for easy access. Get organized with this budget-friendly, easy-to-use paper custom journal. 1

Hardcover Custom Notebooks

Durable and high-quality journals are made with eco-friendly soft natural cork covers. It feels soft like leather but is actually cork fabric. Because there are very few processes involved in making cork, the production of this paper custom journal leaves a low environmental impact. Cork is both recyclable and biodegradable. 2

Wire-bound pages lay flat for easy note-taking and custom paper journaling. Each page of the custom journal is perforated for easy tearing and filing. Be careful with your pages – too much wear can easily tear them from your custom journal. Anda journals feature elastic closures, bookmarks, interior pockets, and even an erasable page divider.

Anda Medium A5 Custom Notebooks

Redbook Medium A5 Custom Notebook includes numbered pages and a blank table of contents for easy organization and note-taking. Three blank tables of contents pages allow you to create your own index, so you can quickly and easily find the important pages of your paper custom journal. 3

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The threaded binding opens flat while ensuring that the customized journal pages stay secure on the inside. The hardcover custom notebook is made of high-quality paper and features an expandable pocket, page markers, and elastic closure inside the back cover. These pages allow you to create your own paper designs without the distraction of straight lines.

The journal has numbered pages and eight perforated pages. Eight punched pages are perfect for making tear-off pages for giving or creating templates for custom journal pages. You can tear out pages without affecting the rest of your paper custom journal, and you can choose from over 20 different colors, including red, black, orange, yellow, army green, and more.

Dotted Custom Journals

If you’re completely new to the world of paper custom journaling, the Dot Custom Journaling Set is the perfect primer. This set includes a custom journal and a guide on how to start and keep a paper custom journal. You’ll learn how to create prompts for an effective to-do list, a schedule to plan your day, week, month, or year, a tracker to keep track of your habits and goals, and your dos and don’ts. Making a gesture of. It features a sturdy lid and interior back pocket, as well as an elasticated closure and ribbon to keep you in place.

Best Heavy Duty Anda A5 Web Custom Notebook

The Anda A5 Web Custom Notebook features glossy ivory 90-gsm pages. Heavy pages are perfect for fountain pens and felt tip pens. Your nib will glide across the page smoothly without digging into the rest of the page too much. If you prefer to use heavy pens and markers for your custom paper journaling, the high-quality paper used in EndaWeb Custom Notebooks will satisfy you.

The dots on the grid page are darker than on other paper logs, making them easier to see. Remember, this also means that the dots don’t “disappear” into your design. This black hardcover custom notebook is well made and beautifully bound to keep pages securely in place. It comes with a black ribbon bookmark and elastic closure.

Best Spiral Binding: Anda Ghost Grid.Custom Journal

One of the few spiral-bound paper custom journals, the Custom Journal is a great alternative to traditional custom notebooks. Many people prefer spiral-bound custom notebooks because they lie flat and can be folded to reveal just one page. A built-in index can be used to create your own table of contents, so you can quickly and easily find the key pages of your paper custom journal. It was also made by a US-based company. 6

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A5 Dotted Diary

Its ultra-smooth 150gsm paper means it’s easy to draw OR write on, ghosting, while zero bleeding and feathering ensure clean pages.+. There is even a penetration testing page, so your page is less likely to be broken. The paper custom journal is protected by a vegan leather cover, and the sturdy binding prevents pages from falling out. Prepare your drawing tools with the included pen holder. Plus, a key code page, index page, back pocket, and two color bookmarks make organizing a pleasure. 7

Art Hardcover Custom Notebook

Great value for money, this customizable notebook from Minimalism Art comes in a leather hardcover and comes with ink-resistant, acid-free, 120gsm ivory paper. It even has a table of contents for easy reference, matching ribbons to bookmark your locations, and elastic bands to secure pages.

Paper custom journals also come in a variety of sizes and page styles. While its overall design is understated, you can choose from a variety of colors, including, white, black, pink, amber, and more.

Best For Travel: Anda Traveler’s Custom Notebook

This Anda (now the brand name of My Travelers Company) custom notebook is the perfect choice for those who travel a lot. It’s thin and light, and the paper is non-bleeding, so you can easily jot down notes, places, dates, and other relevant information.

The paper custom journal is protected by a soft leather cover, and also has a secure elastic strap on the spine to prevent pages from falling out.


The Anda Dotted Grid Custom Notebook is the perfect paper custom journal for its compact size, premium construction, and premium paper. Its good price also makes it ideal for beginners. If you need something more handheld, the Dot Diary set will get you started and comes with a beautiful, sturdy custom journal.


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