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Admission Eligibility Criteria in Australian Catholic University


Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public university with seven campuses in Australia. As per various ranking agencies, ACU is ranked among the top 2% of universities worldwide offering many courses including undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, certification courses, and others for students studying higher education in Australia. ACU also features among the top 10 catholic universities in the world. This university gives you options for several study areas in the field of Education and Arts, Business, Commerce, Health and exercise science, Law, information technology, Philosophy, Theology, and many other academic courses.

A degree from ACU will demonstrate that you have gained the requisite knowledge, added valuable skills, and had real-world experience. A degree from ACU will give you a rewarding career and will provide cutting edge while you apply for jobs for your professional career. ACU has a community of prominent researchers and collaborators from various industries, Catholic partners, and others. These alliances help to create a positive impact in schools, hospitals, businesses, and other organizations in Australia and outside.

Applying for various courses at ACU can be daunting. Students can apply through ACU online portal, direct application, or through StudentConnect. The below pointer will help you to understand the eligibility criteria and other requirements if you are planning to pursue any course in ACU.

Select your course

First, you need to select the course and study area based on student type i.e., postgraduate, undergraduate, research and others. You have various fields to choose from based on your interest and background. If you have selected Economics as one of your study areas, and you are unable to complete your academic assignments, then you can take the Economics Assignment Help from expert writers to complete your assignment timely.

Check Eligibility

ACU has certain entry requirements based on the course and program that you have selected. Entry requirements are based on qualifications, skills, or experience that you must have or gain before the chosen course.  Depending upon the scores, the eligibility criteria may include minimum entry score, English language proficiency, course-specific requirement, and subject prerequisites.

Entry scores and Ranks

Candidates are selected based on scores ranging from 1 to 99 which is based on qualification and experience. This score will determine whether ACU will offer you admission to your selected course on a merit basis.

A selection rank is assigned by ACU if you have the following experience or qualifications:

  • Secondary education in Australia or New Zealand or overseas
  • Vocational education or training
  • Previous higher education study
  • Paid work experience
  • Audition/ Portfolio/ Interview/ Written Statement (depend on program)
  • special admissions test scores (subject to age restrictions)
  • Subject-specific and course-specific prerequisites.
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The highest one will be considered if you have more than one qualification or experience. Once the ranks are assigned, ranks will be compared with others based on merit.

Below are the minimum scores required for admission consideration. These are only indicative and may change depending on course type, location, and demand.

  • Bachelor’s degree: Minimum ATAR of 58.50
  • Associate degree: Minimum ATAR of 50
  • Certificate and Advanced certificate: Minimum ATAR of 50

 Adjustment factor

Adjustment factors act as a bonus point to your selection rank based on performance in certain subjects, personal background, or the school that you went to. Many adjustment factors are automatically applied as part of your application process. Below are the adjustment categories on which your score will depend:

  • ACU Subject Program: This is dependent on your performance in year 12you’re your chances of success in higher education.
  • Elite Athlete and Performers Program (EAPP): This program supports students who have shown great performance in sports and athletics.
  • Schools Relationship Program: This program is applicable to students based in Australia who have attended a school that have a good relationship with ACU.
  • Campus Program: This program supports students who live in an area that is important for any of the campuses of ACU
  • Regional Schools Program: This program is applicable to Australian students who are studying in regional schools and improves access to higher education.
  • State access and equity schemes: This program is for those people who have limited access to academics due to different life experiences.

 Subject Prerequisite

Some courses have a precondition that you have a certain level of knowledge in one or more subjects. It will depend on the marks that you have scored, or the rank achieved in your secondary school (Year 12 or equivalent).

Course-specific requirements

Some courses require that you have supplementary experience or material at the time of application. This may include, for example, attending an interview, submitting a project, completing certain training, and others as required.

English language proficiency

ACU has different scores or ranks required for various courses in the English language. Students will be required to give an English Language test and score certain marks to prove English proficiency. It is applicable to those whose English was not their first language and who have not completed year 12 or higher education in English.

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Check closing dates

There are different opening and closing dates for application depending upon the course and area of study. Kindly ensure that you do not miss the deadlines and do wait till the eleventh hour.

Check eligibility for Scholarships and other financial aid

To support the students in their academic curriculum, ACU offers various scholarships for students enrolling in postgraduate and undergraduate courses. The scholarships help in the waiver of tuition fees up to a certain range. Students need to apply separately for the scholarship as they are selected based on their preliminary applications.

Various scholarships are available based on merit and other requirements. For example, graduates and undergraduates whose academic performance is extraordinary are eligible for ACU International Student Scholarship. A Minimum of 80% is required based on the ACU GPA scale for this scholarship and is given to only 20 students in a year. There are also other merit-based scholarships available for various students like the Global excellence scholarship, Pathway to Victoria scholarship, and others.

Check required documents

You need to ensure that you have the following supporting documents ready while giving your application:

  • Personal email address
  • High School results
  • Your recent Resume
  • Proof of name change if any

Visa requirement for international students

If you are an international student and have received an offer from ACU, then you need to apply for a study visa in Australia. The following will be required.

  • Letter of Acceptance from ACU
  • Confirmation for enrolment
  • Apply for a student on your respective country’s website or connect ACU education agent.
  • Follow the visa application procedures.
  • Must fully comply with the terms and conditions stated in the student visa.

The staffs and faculties are very friendly and can help you with your queries regarding admission, eligibility, or scholarships. A host of opportunities will be available for students graduating from Australian Catholic University and pursuing their dream careers.

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