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Afraid of Hair Loss and Bald Spots? Here are 5 Do and don’ts of How to Prevent it

Hair loss is a common occurrence whenever you shampoo or comb your hair. Gray hair is usually replaced by new hair that grows back. The problem arises when the changing hairs grow back with less and delayed intensity. The condition is exacerbated by bald spots. With hair loss, a person’s age, health condition, and worries become more apparent.

What it doesn’t do often is demoralize you. This, in turn, causes stress which causes more damage to the hair. But that’s not the only reason you’re shedding so much. Read on to find out what to do and what not to do to prevent the problem

Relax and Unwind

Did you know that stress releases hormones like cortisol that can block your skin? Stress also redirects the nutrients your hair needs to other parts of your body. Lack of hair nutrition leads to hair loss and scalp health problems. Stress can affect sleep and prevent scalp skin regeneration. To prevent this from happening, it is important that you loosen your hair and allow it to breathe to replenish and grow.

Get Proper Nutrition

Our bodies do not produce nutrients such as zinc and iron, which are essential for hair growth and quality. In this case, the body gets foods high in protein and high in iron, such as chicken and dark green leafy vegetables. A balanced diet allows the blood to absorb these nutrients and regulate the supply of oxygen to the scalp cells. Lack of the above nutrients can lead to thinning hair and baldness.

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Avoid Pulling Your Hair From the Roots

Although you may feel tempted to ponytail like Nicki Minaj, you should be aware of the consequences if you do it regularly. Pulling your hair from the roots to create a high ponytail can put pressure on your hair follicles and can result in some serious hair loss. Some people choose to use Theradom to prevent the early onset of baldness and strengthen existing hair because you know that the sooner, the better.

Stop Using The Wrong Hair Products

With the recent advances in science and technology, there have been many inventions of skin and hair care products. Although most have been tested before, some products, such as hair dye, can cause a significant shrinkage in the diameter of the follicles, a decrease in hair growth, or an increase in hair loss. In such cases, it is best to stop using the product and if the problem persists, see a doctor right away. Lost hair can grow back with some lifestyle changes and supplements such as vitamin D or biotin.

Avoid Smoking

Research shows that smokers are more likely to have thinning hair and baldness. The nicotine and chemicals in tobacco can accelerate hair loss and impair hair growth. Smoking can also reduce the flow of oxygen to the scalp and interfere with the hair growth cycle. It has the ability to accumulate mucus in the blood vessels which nourishes your hair follicles and as a result damages the hair. Hair loss can lead to breakage and graying of the skin.

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Your hair is as much a part of your body as your lungs. Therefore, a person with a sick body is more likely to deal with bald spots and hair loss. Occasional hairspray and treatment with essential oils nourish the hair follicles as well as the scalp. So stay calm and take care of your hair!


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