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Bippi Lahri Bollywood Disco Legend has Died at the age of 69

Famous Indian musician and singer Bipi Lahri has passed away at the age of 69.
According to Indian News Channel NDTV And Zee News, he passed away at Creti Care Hospital in Mumbai on Wednesday.

The director of the hospital, Dr. Deepak Namjushi, told Press Trust of India that Lahri had been in the hospital for a month and was discharged on Monday. However, his condition worsened on Tuesday, prompting his family to call a doctor. He was later taken to hospital. Bappi Lahri suffered from a number of ailments.

Bipi Lahiri is said to have introduced disco music in India and was also called the rock star of Bollywood. She sang many popular songs in the 1970s and 1980s, including “Walking” and “Disco Dancer”. The last song he sang was for Bollywood’s 2020 film ‘Baaghi’.
He was last seen on a tv screen in Salman Khan show Bigg Boss 15.
In April last year, Bappi Lahri was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai with the coronavirus. However, he recovered within a few days.

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, while paying tribute to his death, wrote: From generation to generation, people find themselves in harmony with their actions. Their liveliness will be missed. I am saddened by his death. Condolences to his family and fans. Om Shanti.

Bipi Lahri composed many famous songs with disco themes for films of the 1970-80s which became memorable. His songs from movies like ‘Chalte Chalte’, ‘Disco Dancer’ and ‘Sharabi’ became very popular.

He captivated a generation with his music.

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Leading cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has expressed the same popularity of Bipi Lahri in a tweet which he posted while remembering Bipi Lahri on his death: ‘I really enjoy Bipi Lahri’s music, especially his The song “Yaad aa Raha hai” was sung many times in the dressing room. The scope of their potential was truly amazing. You will always remember us, Bappi. ‘

Bappi Lahri was from West Bengal. He was born on November 27, 1952, to a Brahmin family in Jalpaiguri. His parents, Upresh Lahri and Bansari Lahri were well-known classical singers and musicians. His real name was Alokesh Lahri but he chose Bipi Lahri for the film and became famous for it.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, Bappi Lahri started playing the tabla at the age of three. However, in his film career, he composed mostly party dance music. Leading Indian Oscar-winning musician AR Rehman has called Bappi Lahri the “Disco King” of Hindi cinema.

You may have seen Bipi Lahri in the pictures wearing a thick gold chain. In fact, he loved music and sleeping since childhood. He has expressed this many times but he says that gold is really lucky for him.

He had said in an interview with Hindustan Times that his mother had given him a gold chain with a pendant of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. After that I got the movie ‘Zakhmi’ which proved to be my first blockbuster movie.

He said that when his mother put the necklace around his neck, he said that it would be lucky for him. He said that with more successes at the box office, more gold necklaces kept coming around his neck. He says he always received gold as a gift from his relatives.

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After my mother, my wife Chatrani gave me a gold chain with a Ganpati pendant on my birthday in 1977. After that I got the super box office hit ‘Aap Ki Khatir’ in which the song ‘My friend came from Bombay’ became very popular.

Bipi Lahri has composed music for films since 1973. He composed the music for the entire song ‘Nanha Shikari’ and this is where his Bollywood career begins. He was awarded the Best Music Director award in 1985 for his film Sharabi. In the year that followed, he set the record for most songs recorded. he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award In 2018.

He provided music for the movie ‘Baaghi 3’ in the year 2020 which proved to be his last movie. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee tweeted condolences over his death: A boy from our North Bengal, who gained fame and success all over India due to his talent and hard work and made us proud with his music.


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