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Borrowed ladder Interesting Story

“Nami” was a dwarf. He lived in a dwarf village where all the houses were crooked. He was short in stature, but a little fat and kept smiling all the time. He was very rich. There was no shortage of decorations. Most people liked her because of her good humor.

But one of his habits was disliked by everyone. The habit was to borrow from him. He used to borrow various things from everyone. After using these things very carefully, he used to return them to their owners.

But still, people did not like to lend their new things to anyone. They considered this habit bad because he was very rich and could easily buy them instead of asking for loans.

The people of the village did not talk to him about his habit, because he was a good man personally and no one wanted to show his heart.

Another dwarf Bunty came and lived there. He was very thin. He had a long beard on his face and he always wore a triangular hat on his head. Not everything was in order

Nami started borrowing things from him, first, he asked for a shovel, then a coat to wear, then he asked for a book on beekeeping.

Bunty’s cat also asked for Bunty’s cat to catch rats in the house. Bunty kept lending her things happily. Soon he became acquainted with the habit of naming.

One day, Bunty told Sammy, the town chief, that he had a plan.
Sammy asked: “Wouldn’t this trick hurt Nami?”

Bunty said: “No, not at all, but it’s really a funny trick. I’ll tell you when I put it into practice. Come and see for yourself.” Bunty returned home, deep in thought.

The next morning he went to the market and bought a new ladder, which was long enough to reach the roof easily. That evening Bunty swung a blue brush on the steps of the stairs and recited a magic spell as well. He was satisfied with this and then he went inside the house to sleep.

When he saw the new staircase in the morning, he immediately remembered that brick on his roof had fallen off.

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He ran to Bunty’s door and knocked on her. The daughter opened the door and asked, “Brother Bunty!” Will you lend me your ladder? I want to climb on the roof and repair it. ”

Bunty said: “Brother! This is not a normal ladder. I advise you not to use it.
He said enthusiastically: “No problem, this is a wonderful staircase and will easily reach the roof. Please lend me this staircase for one day.”

With Bunty’s permission, he picked up the ladder and carried it to his garden. He fixed it to the roof and began to climb it.

The journey to the roof was getting longer and longer. He raised his head and looked up to see how far the roof was. Arriving was a very strange thing.

Then he looked down to see how high he had come down from the floor. As soon as he looked down, he made a fatal mistake. He had come up dangerously high. When it reached the middle, its length was increasing and the planks of the stairs below had become crooked.

By this time Bunty had sent a message to Sammy to come and see what was happening. Sammy came and saw Nami constantly climbing the stairs.

The other dwarfs living in the village also came there and all of them started laughing helplessly. It was a very funny scene.

When he saw all the people standing below laughing at him, he looked around in embarrassment.

Sammy advised him out loud: “Nami! Why don’t you come back? You can never reach the roof at this speed.”

Hearing this, Namir started coming back down, but as soon as he started coming down, the ladder got higher.

He became frightened and remembered that Bunty had warned him that this was not a normal ladder and advised him not to borrow it but he acted foolishly and did not follow Bunty’s advice. He sat down on a pole and took a deep breath. Everyone was laughing at him.

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Bunty began to tell everyone in a loud voice: “I told you not to borrow this ladder, but you did not accept the name.”

On hearing this, a dwarf said: “He keeps on borrowing all these things. He has been severely punished for this bad habit. He may have easily got rid of this bad habit.”

And he was getting embarrassed. It was really the fact that he kept borrowing things he didn’t need. He really enjoyed this dangerous and terrible ladder.

He vowed that he would never borrow again, but what he would do now if he went upstairs, the ladder became longer, and this is what happens when he tries to take it down. I had to sit in the middle of it and then he himself said I have to get down anyway no matter how much I have to suffer.

So he started descending with a determination. It was a very difficult task. He was panting badly and people were standing down laughing. He finally managed to get down.

Bunty approached him and said: “Should I take my ladder back? I have work to do too.

Nami said: “Take it back happily. This is a very dangerous ladder of magic. I will never take it again, but now I will not borrow it from anyone for the rest of my life.”

“I’ll take it back,” Bunty said. “I also have to repair my roof a little bit.” Surprised, he said: “So do you intend to climb such a dangerous ladder?”

Bunty brother! Don’t do that, I beg you, it will treat you the same as it has treated me.

Bunty said: “I’m not afraid of him, so he took the ladder and brought it home.

On the way, he recited a mantra and the magic on the ladder ended. Now when he put the ladder against the roof, it had turned into a normal ladder.

Nami was watching the spectacle from her house and wondering how the stairs were straightened now. Seeing her wondering, Bunty said in a loud voice: “Goodbye”-


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