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Common Reasons to Merge PDF Documents

Common Reasons to Merge PDF Documents Following our “How To” guide to integrate PDF documents using Infix, we’ve learned that not everyone uses this feature, in part because they don’t need it. Or they may not understand why merging different PDF documents can be beneficial. On their

  • Multiple Team Involvement Projects – In a project involving more than one person or team, documents will be submitted from every angle. For example, a new housing development proposal would include reports from engineers, architects, environmental agencies, and builders, not to mention the Real proposal documents. If they are all sent in different file formats, they can all be saved as PDF documents and then merged, so the presentation can be made using only one large document. In which all the team will bring input and results in one place.
  • Archive – Thousands of files will be stored electronically in places like record libraries, but as separate documents instead of a large record. Merging these files into PDF groups will mean that searchers have less work to do, which will reduce the time it takes to find the document. Integration may also occur automatically during the process of converting paper documents into digital files.
  • Estate Agents – If an estate agent has leased the property, there will be a number of forms for the potential tenant that will need to be completed and then returned to the landlord before the rental agreement can proceed. However files are sent to tenants, once filled they can be electronically saved as a PDF and then merged into a larger document to be sent to the landlord. Time is saved for all concerned. As in the guide to our blog, Infix allows users to merge multiple documents, but it is important that when documents are merged, they are proofread before being sent as the final version. Is. This is because the cover pages have been merged and they need to be removed, the header and footer may need to be edited and there should be
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