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Dream interpretation King Story

Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled over a country. He was very kind and good-natured and his subjects were happy with it. Living in the world

Early in the morning, he summoned all his ministers, advisers, writers, and intellectuals to his court and asked for the interpretation of his dream. No one understood the interpretation of the dream but the king was anxious to hear the interpretation of his dream. Whoever tells me the meaning of the dream, I will reward him with a reward.

Many people came in the lure of a reward, some with the idea of ​​their own praise, but all failed.

A poor farmer thought that because he too could try his luck, the king might like my interpretation and I too would get a reward, so he too left for the royal palace.

On the way, he saw an old man dressed in white, sitting under a shady tree. The farmer approached him, greeted him, and explained his purpose.

The elder replied, “It is very easy, but first promise me that you will give me half of the amount you will get in the reward.”

The farmer promised and then the elder explained to him that jackals are a sign of deception and cunning. Hanging a rope in the king’s room means that deception and fraud are increasing in the king’s land so he should be careful at all times. Need

The farmer then went straight to the palace. He reached the king and explained the meaning of the dream.

The king also liked the interpretation of the dream. He gave the farmer a lot of money as a reward. He took all the goods and reached his house by another route.

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The king dreamed again that a sword tied with a thin thread was hanging over him. He became frightened and anxious to know the interpretation of the dream. Went to the same elder.

The elders listened to him patiently and explained the meaning of the dream. The sword is a symbol of war for which the king should already be prepared against a sudden attack.

In the end, the elder again demanded a share of the reward.

The farmer again went to the king’s service and explained the meaning of his dream.

The king was very happy and gave him more prizes than before.

This time the farmer who was returning with rewards was seen on the way by the same elders who were probably waiting for him.

The elder asked for his share under the agreement. The farmer was under the influence of the devil.

He left the old man injured and took the whole prize with him.

The king had another dream in which he saw a dove flying in a lush green garden. He called the farmer.

Now the farmer was very upset and then he was forced to go to the old man. The old man got very angry when he saw him. And greedily repented for the future.

The elders also forgave him and explained the meaning of the dream. The dove is a sign of peace. Now there will be peace and order in the king’s country and the people will live in peace.

The king was very happy to hear the interpretation of peace because the interpretation of the dream was satisfying and pleasant. This time he made the farmer rich.

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The farmer collected the prize three times and placed it in front of the elders.

The elder smiled and sat him down next to him and said that in fact there is nothing wrong with you.

The second time you attacked me because at that time there was bloodshed in the country. Everyone was thirsty for each other’s blood.

Now that peace has been established everywhere and people are living honestly, that is why you have come to me honestly to give my share.

The elder further advised that people are influenced by society and the environment due to which you also proved to be like this. I am not greedy for wealth. I give all this wealth to you. I don’t need it. Repenting from the yogurt, saying that this is your success, the elders left for their hut.


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