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Dwarf Prince Interesting Story

Three Princes

The three sons of Shahriar Badshah were Aslam Ajmal and Manzar. The stature of Aslam and Ajmal was equal to that of ordinary people but the height of Manzar was so small that when he was standing with his two brothers his head would reach up to his navel. Due to his short stature, people used to call him “Dwarf Prince”.

His name became so popular that most people did not even know his real name, as if I saw him being called “Dwarf Prince”. He said that the dwarf prince was also generous, compassionate, and poor.

Ajmal and Aslam were both illiterate. They had no interest in court affairs. They were always ready for battle. They oppressed the weak and the poor. Forming a large army, then invading small countries to conquer them and establish their own government, thinking that the two brothers went to the king and asked his permission, but he refused, the princes became silent.

But after a couple of weeks, the idea of ​​the ruling came to their minds again and they both went to the king again but he refused again. A month later the two brothers decided to rule again and the king approached us and said, “If you do not allow us, we will commit suicide.”

The king said, “It is very difficult to leave your country and form an army and conquer other countries, but without experience, you cannot understand this so you can go.”

The two sons kissed the king’s hand and demanded money for the expenses.

The princes were very happy and the next day they left with 200,000 nobles and the dwarf king was left alone with his parents.

Poverty and Slavery

Prince Aslam and Prince Ajmal, after a journey of several weeks, set out from the borders of their country.
All kinds of flowers, all kinds of fruits, and fruit trees were visible. From the chirping of happy birds, it seemed as if they had reached paradise. When the prince stepped forward, he saw a large door that was closed at that time and a poor man was sitting on the steps.
Prince Aslam said to him, Baba! Open the door we will go to this garden.

Faqir said: It is very difficult to go to this garden.
Ajmal said: – Why? What’s the matter.

Faqir began to say: – Once a little mini princess told me the story of a plant whose words I still remember.

The two frogs made a car, the two frogs go to the shoes, the king grabbed them, we went to the bush, the princess came once, never came again and I am longing to hear such a story, if you tell me a story, I will open this door. I will open it.

The princes said: Baba! The story is told by the children. It is your time to do it. The poor man laughed and said, “Son, the condition of a person becomes like that of a child in weakness.” Can give.

Faqir said, “Ashrafians, what kind of work do we open in the door of the poor, but remember that if you go in without telling a story, you will become a prisoner and come out in a hurry.” No one can compete.

The poor man laughed when he heard their words. He got up and opened the door and said: Leave your horses alone and go for a walk on your own. Flower fountains, green birds, and colorful butterflies, their hearts were gladdened to see the cool breeze eating as soon as they moved forward, a beautiful woman came forward with a garland of flowers and put a necklace around their necks and began to say Give me the price of the necklaces.

Then a weak woman was found. She gave two rings and got a hundred nobles. In the same way, girls and women continued to meet and sell goods. The princes had so many things that it became difficult for them to carry them. Bought and loaded all his belongings on it was going to be evening.

When the princes thought of their horses, they returned to the door, but after walking only a few steps, they were surrounded by twenty-five soldiers, who said that this mule and all his belongings were stolen, so you must go to the queen.

The princes made many excuses but they did not listen and grabbed one and took it to the beautiful queen. The queen after seeing one thing said that all this stuff is ours. After taking, take out one hundred and ninety thousand nobles and scatter in the footsteps of the queen.

The queen said that these nobles should be kept in our treasury and both should be included in our slaves. The princes said a lot in their defense And they took off their flamboyant clothes and put them aside and put on old clothes and took them to the slave. They were both very worried.

The search for Princes

A year and a half have passed since Prince Aslam and Prince Ajmal passed away but their well-being was not known and no news was received then the king would be very upset and would be sad all the time. And if left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

Then he said to the king, “If you have permission, I will go and find my brothers and bring them back.” The prince said, “Father, they have gone to conquer the country by forming an army.”

That is why they have not come back yet but I am just going to look for them so I will come back very soon. Finally, the king gave him permission and gave him a bag of one hundred thousand nobles and left with thousands of prayers. He took off his clothes, put on modest clothes, and wrapped a hundred thousand nobles in a saddle, then rode on a speeding horse in search of his brothers.

After many days, he also reached Faqir. Faqir said, “Son, if you want to enter this door and achieve success, then tell me a story.”

And I have been fond of reading and listening to stories since my childhood. You tell me, I will tell you thousands of stories. ۔

“Two heads made a reed car, two frogs go-to shoes,” said the dwarf prince, interrupting the conversation.

Faqir turned his hand on the dwarf’s head with love and opened the apple to him and said, “Son, sit down comfortably and tell me the story.” The dwarf prince said, “Listen, Baba, I will tell you.”

The Dwarf told the Story

There was a wife who used to eat the tongue of a bird and eat a loaf of bread. Her husband was very worried that my wife would not eat anything. One day his husband told his friend that my wife ate very little. How much less does she eat?

He said, “Bird’s tongue and bread crumbs.” One day you hide in your house in a place where your wife does not see you and you keep looking at her. She said OK.

One day he did this and he saw that after a while his wife called the slave girl and said to her, After eating it for a while, he said again, “O Ketki, what is in the belly of Bilal’s wife? Bring some khichri, then bring it.”

He also ate it for a while, then he said, “O wife Ketki, what is the matter with the belly of the wife? O you who have run away a little bit, then bring what you have left. Just bring that cage. When she woke up, she brought two and a half cages of the cage.

The poor Mian came home in the evening wondering where you stayed. Mian said, “Where did you stay all day? I was hungry. I said there was some work, so I did not come home. I did not find any birds today. I will go in the morning. He grabbed a thick black snake from there and stood in front of his wife.

O, Mian, it would be shaky for you to meet your wife in the house, Mian, it is black, O wife, it is a morsel of sesame seeds, O Mian, for God’s sake, you should cover it, wife, you should walk in the courtyard and throw the cage when the wife When she got such an answer to her words, she was very embarrassed and knew that Mian knew everything.

Then from today onwards, she started eating meager bread and curry. The dwarf prince said that this was the story of Baba Faqir. It is a very good story. I liked it very much. Then he put a garland of red pearls around the dwarf’s neck God will bless you ”

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Old Fort

As soon as the dwarf prince entered the garden, many beautiful women came with garlands of flowers and the dwarf dressed around his neck asked how much they were worth.

When the prince went for a walk, he found six or seven girls. He fed them apples, pomegranates, and pineapples. Dwarf was astonished at what was happening.

But he was silent and on his way, he met three soldiers. He bowed and saluted and seated the dwarf on a white horse. 15 soldiers were guarding the majestic gate with guns.

As soon as they saw the dwarf, they saved the sentence and went ahead and stopped the horse’s bridle. Shortly after, fifty maids came running and took the dwarf to the palace with his slaves. The king was already standing there waiting for him. He wanted to go ahead and put the dwarf on his chest but the dwarf was so small that the king’s leg and dwarf’s height were equal. Finally, the king had to sit on the floor. Then he put the dwarf on his chest Taken to a very large room.

There were eleven chairs in this room. The chair in the middle was made by the king’s son. The king walked towards his chair and the dwarf thought that all the chairs are too high. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! He got down on the chair!.

The king saw the prince sitting on his chair. He was jumping again and again. The king laughed and then he motioned to the slaves to pick him up. The king said to the prince, “God has given us three daughters and one son.”

And the youngest of these daughters is very beautiful, but her height is as small as yours. That is why we think that we should make you our own and you two should live together forever. Wants to do.

He said, “As you wish, I do not deny any of your words. The king was very glad to hear this, and at the same time, he announced to celebrate. Was seated on the throne of.

Then Bonnie decorated the princess and brought several maids and seated her near the prince.

After the announcement, the two slaves filled the golden glasses with milk and bowed down, and presented it to the dwarf prince and the dwarf princess with courtesy. He dropped the glass and fell to the floor. The king and the minister ran towards the prince.

Prince Aslam who was enslaved could not hold back his tears and two thick drops dripped from his eyes. He said, “Brother John, a poor man met me at the door.”

But when I told him a story, he gladly prayed for me and allowed me to come here. He said that there is an old fort far away from here in which the brother of this faqir lives. At his request, the faqir orders to tell the story.

The dwarf prince said that if the story is not told to him then why the travelers are made slaves.

The king said it is a secret which the poor man’s brother knows and we also know but if we reveal this secret we will get into trouble ourselves. Let the three brothers go and ask the poor man’s brother.

The king said, “No, I can’t allow it, because whoever went there has not returned to this day, and I do not want to lose you.”

The dwarf prince said, “I promise you that the three of us will definitely return.” The dwarf was so stubborn that the king was forced to allow him. ۔

However, if you want to go further, go with enthusiasm. The three princes left the king and went far away on foot. Sitting down, the elder brother’s eyes fell on the peaks and he said, “Let’s dig the soil from this place and throw it away, then see how the ants run here and there is a panic.”

Prince Ajmal smiled and said yes, that’s right and it will be a lot of fun when the ants will catch their eggs in their mouths and run away. The dwarf prince said.

No, it is absolutely wrong. Dumb little ants have spoiled you. You want to destroy their houses. I will never let you do that. They were freed because of the dwarf. After resting on the hill, the three got up and walked on.

As we walked we came to the lake which was surrounded by big and shady trees. The white ducks floating in the blue water of the lake looked very good. Do and fry and eat

The dwarf prince said, “Why slaughter these dumb people for a moment’s taste and the splendor of the lake belongs to them?” The two brothers said, “You are a strange man. We do nothing.

The dwarf prince said, “Look up and see how many fruits are in the trees. Can’t you eat them and fill your stomach?”

After covering a distance of two and a half miles, their eyes fell on a tree where a hall was hanging and thick honey was dripping down from it. Aslam and Ajmal’s mouths filled with water.

And they said, “Bees are sitting in the hive. Why don’t you light a fire and blow them away with smoke and lick all the honey?” Said the dwarf prince.

Right now the stomachs are full of fruits. What is the need to eat honey? The little bees have made this hive by bringing drop by drop and you want to destroy it in a short time. You should have mercy on them.

The two brothers said, “Fools, God has created all these things for us human beings. If we think with our intellect for everything, we will not be able to eat anything.”

The dwarf prince said that honey is not eaten for pleasure, wise people give it to the sick, so what is the use of eating it unnecessarily?

When the three princes ascended it, they saw the old fort. They started running towards the fort with fast steps.

When he got a little closer, he saw a fort made of red stone standing on a high hill, surrounded by a deep moat, and there was only one door to enter the fort. The bridge is built.

The princes climbed the bridge and reached the door in a short time. The door was open. The princes went inside and kept moving around. Stone camels and stone elephants were standing in front of it.

When the princes went on, they saw that every bird, animal, and man that was seen here was made of stone. Don’t be stoned because the king had said that whoever went to the fort to this day would not return. The three princes were about to flee.

The dwarf prince’s gaze fell on a weak man who was walking in a room. There was a lock-in them.

Seeing them, the weak man approached and put his hand in the bars, opened the lock, and called the three of them inside. Why are you here? Baba said I know everything.

You eat quietly. I will make a bed for you to sleep in. The princes began to eat quietly and Baba went to another room. The princes were very hungry.

That is why he ate very well and when his stomach was full he got up and started walking. At that moment Baba came to him and took him to the same room with him. ۔

The prince said, “Baba, everything in this desolate fort is made of stone. Baba said,” Rest today. I will tell you everything tomorrow. ” The same beggar who orders to hear the story.

Baba said yes he is my brother because of quarrels he has used magic to make all the ministers rich and my sons and daughters made of stone if you want to break this magic you can break but there are three conditions for this If you do not fulfill these conditions, you too will become stone.

Prince Aslam said I will definitely fulfill these conditions. Baba showed me a plaque and said, “Read it.” The prince read it.

Princess Noor Bano had buried a thousand pearls around it. If you dig the earth and take out this pearl before the sun sets, then it is fine, otherwise, you will become a stone. The prince said, “What are the other two conditions?” Fulfill this one condition then I will tell you two more.

The prince went to the neem tree and started digging the ground from the hill, saying, “What is this big thing?” The next morning Prince Ajmal took a bath

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He ate food and went to the neem tree and started digging the earth. In the evening he could not find more than a hundred pearls and became like a stone statue-like Prince Aslam. His two older brothers couldn’t do it, how could he do it

He cleverly tried to find out many things from Baba but Baba did not utter a word. At last, he was forced to sow and reached under the neem tree and started digging the ground with all his might till noon. Dig and the tree fell but did not find more than one hundred and fifty.

And he was convinced that a thousand lac could not be found and now death is certain. With this thought, he grabbed his head and sat down on a rock, and began to weep bitterly. Three hours passed crying to the dwarf prince.

And there was only an hour and a half left before the sun went down and the dwarf’s clothes were soaked with tears and sweat. At that moment he saw an army of beetles coming. There were black ants.

Behind those who were the protectors of their king was a king whose color was very golden and he was riding on the back of a black ant. Behind him were innumerable and innumerable ants and ants.

The dwarf was watching them in amazement when the king said, “Why are you crying? We have come to help you with our army. Please tell me what you are looking for.”

The king of the ants ordered his army to bring out Lal immediately. It was too late for the army to enter the land.

Adshah said to the dwarf, “Do you remember that one day two of your brothers wanted to destroy our house and see the spectacle of our misery, but you stopped them by convincing them?”

The dwarf prince replied, “Yes, I remember. The king said, ‘You have made us your slaves out of pity for the dumb ones. That is why we have come to serve you.’ Applied.

The dwarf thanked everyone very much and tied Lal in a chador and took him to Baba. The army went back. Baba applauded him and gave him a glass of milk to drink. Baba said he will tell you tomorrow. Now you rest. The next morning Baba showed the other plate to the prince.

On it was written a mile away from the fort, a lake which is spread far and wide, in which the keys of Princess Noor Bano’s bedroom have been thrown.

If you can search till evening, then go to the lake with the name of Crown Dwarf Prince Allah. You saw that the lake was so deep that you could only swim in it and it was spread so far.

He did not find the keys even after searching for a month till evening. He grabbed his head and sat down under a tree.

At noon five ducks came flying and said to the dwarf, “Don’t worry, you saved our lives, we will help you,” and they went down to the lake She thanked him and flew away.

And the prince went to the fort and gave the keys to Baba.

On which it was written that these are the three princesses. When the idol was being made, the great princess was eating sugar.

Manjhli princess drank sherbet and little princess Noor Bano licked honey. Tell me who is Princess Noor Bano?

Baba left and the dwarf prince began to look at the three of them carefully. All three of them had the same shape, hair, and clothes. The only difference was their height. He began to think that it was very difficult to recognize them.

Now my death is inevitable. His head began to feel dizzy and it was like this. Even if he had been the wisest person in this place, he would not have been able to recognize it. The dwarf was wondering what to do or not to do. He saw a queen of bees flying around his ears, he said.

Prince Mian, you saved our hall from your brothers.

And they would lick the honey, so I have come to repay your kindness. The dwarf prince said: Can you tell me which of the three licked the honey?

The bee queen flew and took turns sitting on the lips of the three princesses and then gestured to an idol that this is the princess who became an idol while licking honey.

The bee queen left after doing her job and the prince was standing alone. After a while, Baba came and said, “Do you recognize the princess?” The dwarf prince replied, “Yes, I have recognized it.”

And he went forward and took hold of the little princess’s hand. At that moment, darkness fell on all sides, but after a moment the light came on again. All the other idols that were standing came to life.

The sound of horses, elephants, and camels was heard and birds started chirping.

When the dwarf prince thought of his brothers, he ran to the neem tree and saw that they too were standing alive. If we had not come, we would never have been free and here to we have got a life again because of you.

The dwarf said, “If you had eaten the ducks and licked the honey on the way to the ants’ house, the three of us would have stood today as idols. Then he told the whole story. Aslam and Ajmal said,” We swear and promise.

He said that he would never harass any animal or human being in the future but would treat everyone with compassion and treat them with kindness.

And where is the king remembering the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)? I went.

He saw his poor father sitting on the throne with a crown on his head. The king seated the dwarf prince on the left side and Aslam and Ajmal on the right side. And we want to keep you close to our hearts. Then the king called the little princess Noor Bano.

He came and greeted the dwarf prince. The dwarf prince looked carefully. Noor was the same dwarf princess with whom he was engaged. The king smiled and said, We’re the same.

But their idols were standing here and all this was the effect of the magic of the elder brother. The three princes looked at Noor Bano in surprise. Said given.

The king said, “Now I want to marry Noor Bano to you, and the other two daughters are to be married to your brothers.” The three princes began to laugh and rejoice.

The Return of the Princes

After the princes had been in the fort for many months, they intended to return. The king gladly allowed them and gave them a lot of equipment.

Why did your eldest brother order the story to be told? The king said that in his opinion only one person is wise.

Whoever remembers the stories, you told them the story and convinced them that you are smart and wise, that is why they put a garland of red pearls around your neck.

And this rosary was a sign for our brother and other people that this man should be honored. The dwarf prince was surprised to hear this and then he left the king with his brothers and princesses and did not see the palace on the way.

Instead, there was a hut in its place. When the princes went into it, they saw that the first king was poor and not wearing clothes. He was busy in worship. The fountain was not just a field. After walking a long distance, Faqir got up and saw Faqir.

And he picked up the dwarf and kissed him on the forehead. Then he fell in love with the three princes and said: I am very sick. I was living just to see you. May God keep you happy forever.

Then the dwarf said to the prince, “You will always flourish and flourish. You have done well to many people by breaking my magic. Saying this, his chest ached and he fell down.

They all buried him and the king arrived in his country. The king was very happy to see them all and said that you had gone to conquer the country and brought the moon-like bride Aslam Ajmal. Celebrated and people said long live the sown prince, long live the sown prince.


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