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Eye irritation, Itching, Swelling, And The Weakness Of The Eyes

Our eyes are an important part of life so it is important to keep them clean Dust accumulates in the eyes due to dust. Late sleep also causes weakness and redness in the eyes We need to rest our eyes. The most important thing is to get enough sleep Use rose water to soothe the eyes.

Rose liqueur cools the eyes and makes them comfortable and healthy. It also removes eye dirt Applying it naturally cleanses the eyes. Applying two to three drops before going to bed at night also cleanses the dirt in the eyes And the eyes become healthy. If the eyes are not protected then the weakness of the eyes increases That is why you must use rose water.

Redness Of The Eyes

  1. Rose Water
  2. A spoonful of alum

Mix a teaspoon of alum in half a cup of rose liqueur, mix them well and put them in a drop bottle, and apply two to three drops daily in the eyes The redness of the eyes also disappears and the eyes remain fresh.

  1. Cucumber

Cucumbers contain a lot of vitamins. Putting cucumber pieces on the eyes removes heat from the eyes Applying cucumber slices on the eyes cleanses the eyes
And the dark circles under the eyes also disappear.

Weak Eyes

Weak eyes have become very common for everyone From which the young and the old get springs very quickly This is because watching TV up close, running a laptop, using a mobile all the time, damages the eyes And they become weak. We should use a good diet to sharpen our eyes Good foods like milk, eggs, fish, carrots, spinach, beets. Eating all these things brightens the eyes.

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Protein For Eyes

The First Remedy

  1. One KG of carrots
  2. One KG of milk
  3. Half a cup of desi ghee
  4. Egyptian to taste
  5. A cup of almonds
  6. A cup of pistachios
  7. A cup of raisins

Cut the carrots into small pieces, boil them in boiling milk, dry them, add ghee, fry them and add all the fruits and cook well after cooling down, using it two to three times a day will cure eye weakness The height will increase the brain will be sharp And with daily use, the spring will go away.

The Second Remedy

  1. Sofa 25 grams
  2. Coriander 10 grams
  3. White cumin 25 grams
  4. Pepper 25 grams
  5. Almonds 1 cup
  6. Sugar to taste

Grind all these things well and make a powder. Eat it with half a teaspoon of lukewarm milk Daily use in the morning and evening will relieve eye weakness And the fountain will go down.

Swelling And Irritation Of The Eyes

Potatoes are not only useful in food but also good for eye treatment Potatoes are very useful for swollen eyes Peel a potato, grate it and put it on the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes And the swelling will be reduced. Using it two to three times will reduce the swelling.

Cucumber has a cooling effect Which is extremely useful for swollen eyes. Applying cucumber slices on the eyes two to three times a day for five to ten minutes improves the swollen eyes.

Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it three to four times a day.

Applying Tea Bags of green tea or jasmine tea on lukewarm eyes will relieve eye pain and swelling After placing the Tea Bags over the eyes two to three times a day, wipe with a clean cloth or cotton so that no germs can be found.

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Weak Eyesight Contact Lenses

People who have poor eyesight and are tired of wearing glasses So can also use contact lenses by removing the glasses Lenses come in many colors There are many names

Lens color who is running

  1. Turquoise
  2. Gray
  3. Blue
  4. Brilliant Blue
  5. Honey
  6. Green
  7. Sterling gray lens
  8. Amethyst
  9. Brown
  10. Mocca
  11. Shado
  12. Bright
  13. Nadasky
  14. Wosama
  15. Nadacaf
  16. Raihan
  17. Bright Contour
  18. Silky Green
  19. Mint Grey
  20. Crystal N
  21. Sandy Grey
  22. Silky Gold
  23. Grey Beige
  24. Amber Gray
  25. Lavender Gray
  26. Mel
  27. Avila
  28. Purple
  29. Classic Black
  30. Sterling Gray

All these colors are very nice and beautiful After applying colorful lenses, a new look comes on the face Which makes the eyes, as well as the face, looks very beautiful and elegant.


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