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Hair Fall, Dull Hair, Hair Loss, Frizzy & Damage Hair All Hair Problems

How to control all hair problems with 5 Homemade Remedies


What if your hair suffers from all these problems?
So be sure to use these tips to get rid of all these diseases of your hair and it will make your hair long and strong.

  1. Take a cup of pure mustard oil
    Take a tablespoon of Nigella Seeds (Kalonji)
    Heat the mustard oil in a pan on a low flame, then add cloves and cook it well. When the mustard oil starts turning black, take it out now and filter it. It is a very strong oil. You must use it. It will make your hair very long. Use it two to three times a week. You will get the result in a month.


    Mustard Oil

    Nigella Seeds (Kalonji)

  2. There is another remedy
    You take an egg and take out the white of the egg. After taking it out, you put a spoonful of mustard oil in it mix it well and apply it on the scalp two hours before taking a bath and after two hours wash your hair. The hair will get better and the breakage will stop. The egg is very useful for hair

    foxy infoWhite Eggs

  3. There is a third remedy
    Aloe Vera is very beneficial for hair. You can also make it fresh and use it from outside. Take aloe Vera, take out its pulp, and blend it. After blending, extract its juice and add one Add a tablespoon of coconut oil. Half an hour before taking a bath, apply it well on the roots and tips of your scalp. After two hours, shampoo and you will see the result for the first time. Alo Vera

    Aloe Vera Gel

  4. There is a fourth remedy
    Onion water which is very useful for hair helps in the rapid growth of hair and stops hair loss.
    Take an onion cut the onion into pieces and blend the pieces. After lifting, the paste that will be formed, extract the onion juice. Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of castor oil in this juice and apply it well to the hair. And after half an hour, wash your head thoroughly with shampoo. It grows hair very fast. Stand it. Two to three times a week. In three months, I will get the best results. Onion water

    Onion Water

  5. The fifth is the remedy
    Onion peel water is very useful for hair. You can also use it as a shampoo. You can take a few fine onion peels. When the color of the water changes, you should wash your head with it and after one hour you can use any shampoo, it will make your hair strong, long and safe from breakage.

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