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Hijab Controversy Condemned by US and Pakistan

Following the US and Pakistan’s condemnation of the hijab dispute in the Indian state of Karnataka, the Indian Foreign Ministry has said that statements on India’s internal affairs would not be welcomed.

According to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, the Indian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday that legal action was being taken on the uniform dispute and such issues were being resolved in accordance with constitutional rules and procedures.

The Karnataka High Court is taking legal action on the issue of dress code in some educational institutions in the state of Karnataka.

Clashes are settled under our sacred standards and methods and the majority rule framework, the assertion added. Those who know India appreciate this fact. Statements encouraging our internal conflicts will not be welcomed.

On Friday, the US diplomat for international religious freedom said that Karnataka should not ban the hijab in schools as it was a “violation of religious freedom”.

He wrote in a tweet that “religious freedom includes the determination of one’s religious attire.” The ban on hijab in schools is a violation of religious freedom.

Earlier, Pakistan had summoned the Indian ambassador to express its concerns over the hijab dispute and accused India of “religious intolerance, negative stereotypes, and discrimination against Muslims”.

Concerns were raised in a statement issued from Islamabad on the “anti-hijab campaign in Karnataka by the RSS and the BJP”. The Karnataka government has also suspended the decision to reopen educational institutions following an interim order of the High Court.

The court said: “In the wake of thinking about this multitude of petitions, we restrict all understudies, no matter what their religion or conviction, from wearing saffron wraps and wearing scarves, hijabs, or strict banners. similar symbols in the classroom.” I discriminate between religions, it is also banned.

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However, the Karnataka High Court hearing has been adjourned till Monday while the Supreme Court has rejected the list of urgent hearings.


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