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Home remedies for all Hair problems

Prevent hair from falling out

Is your hair falling out? Is your hair completely damaged? Is there any dryness in your hair due to which the hair has become dull and dull? And you are very worried about these things. Try some remedies, God willing, it will be very useful.

Rice water

Rice water has been used for centuries. People in China and India have been saving their scalp hair from the water of tricks. Rice water contains a lot of vitamins, proteins, and calcium which cures many diseases of our hair.

First Remedy

For this, we have to take a cup of rice, whoever it is, put it in a glass vessel, wash it once and keep it covered overnight. In the morning it will smell a little You do not have to worry about it but it will be beneficial for your hair. Then put this water in a spray bottle and spray it in your hair and after one hour wash your hair using it. I will increase the shine and beauty and will also reduce hair loss. These remedies can be used twice a week.

Second Remedy

Rice and fenugreek seeds.
Rice and fenugreek seeds have the quality that solves all the problems of our hair.
the method of preparation.
All you have to do is put a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass bowl and wash a tablespoon of any rice and put it in the bowl for the whole night and in the morning pour its water in a spray bottle. This water can be made and kept in the fridge for a week. Then grind the soaked rice and fenugreek seeds and apply it to the hair and after 2 hours wash your head with a good shampoo. You will see the difference. Remedy can be used twice a week.

Third Remedy

Rice, fenugreek seeds, and cloves
the method of preparation.
Soak one cup of rice, one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds, one tablespoon of kalonji in water overnight, then mix these ingredients well with the help of hands in the morning. Sift and make a paste of rice kalonji fenugreek seeds and apply it well in the hair and leave it for half an hour and cover the head with a shower cap. And do not waste its beneficial water but save it in a super bottle. This paste gives a new life to the hair. You will know the difference only by using it one to two times.

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Lengthen hair with onion juice

Everyone knows the benefits of onion juice. Applying onion juice to the hair strengthens the hair and stops hair loss.

First Remedy

  1. An onion (equal to the length of your hair)
  2. Muslin cloth apiece

Coat a piece of onion or finely grind it without mixing it with water, then take it out in a muslin cloth and filter it. Then apply it to the roots of your hair with the help of cotton and then wash your head after half an hour.

Second Remedy

  1. One onion (equal to the length of the hair)
  2. Coconut oil three tablespoons

First, extract one onion juice then add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and apply it to the roots of your scalp. This remedy is very useful. Applying onion juice in this way stops hair loss and strengthens the hair.

Aloe vera hair treatment

Aloe vera is a magical plant that helps us make many medicines and it is very useful for hair. Aloe vera cures all hair diseases.

First Remedy

  1. Aloe vera gel a tablespoon
  2. Coconut oil a tablespoon

Make a paste of aloe vera and mix 2 tablespoons of scalp oil in it and lightly massage it into the roots of the hair and after one hour shave.

Second Remedy

  1. Aloe vera gel
  2. Onion juice

First, cut the aloe vera leaf and keep it upside down for a while and white saliva comes out in it then cut it into small pieces and then add onion juice and then add it. Leave it like this for a while. Apply it in the hair for at least 10 minutes and then wash your head. This remedy will stop hair loss and hair will grow longer with onion.

Onion and aloe vera oil

Oil is very important for hair, just as the body needs food, so is hair oil. Onion and aloe vera gel oil is very useful for hair.

  1. Red onions two
  2. Aloe vera gel four tablespoons

First, chop the onion a little thicker then take 4 stalks of aloe vera leaf with it and also remove it with a fork and chop it too then cook on low heat and keep stirring with Spoon when oil starts to cool it. Filter with the help of a muslin cloth. Apply this oil at night and leave it on and wash your head in the morning. This oil is very good for hair.

Fenugreek seeds, cloves, and onion juice

  1. Fenugreek seeds a tablespoon
  2. Onion juice
  3. Cloves a tablespoon
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Soak fenugreek seeds and kalonji in water overnight and keep it overnight in the morning mix fenugreek seeds and kalonji well with the help of hands then add onion juice and massage on the scalp. Do this and cover your head with a shower cap and then wash your head with a good shampoo. This remedy is very useful for lengthening the hair. Its use promotes hair growth.

Fenugreek and Cloves oil

  1. Fenugreek seeds two tablespoons
  2. Cloves two tablespoons
  3. Oil any you think

Put oil in a pan and keep it on low heat then add cloves and fenugreek seeds and cook for 5 to 10 minutes and then take it off the stove. When it cools down, store it in a bottle. This oil can be used by children and adults. Massage with this oil makes hair thicker and longer. For better results, leave it overnight and wash your head in the morning.

Aloe vera and Castor oil

  1. Aloe vera gel two tablespoons
  2. Castor oil a teaspoon
  3. Coconut oil a teaspoon

In a bowl pour two tablespoons of aloe vera gel, then two tablespoons of coconut oil, then a teaspoon of curd and mix well and then massage the scalp with it with light hands and then cover the hair. And shake your head after two hours. This remedy will stop hair loss and hair growth. You can use this remedy once or twice a week and it is also necessary to apply oil to the hair.

Mustard oil and egg

Take a little bit of mustard oil according to your hair and add egg in it and mix well then apply in hair and after half an hour wash your head thoroughly. Eggs contain a lot of protein which is very useful for our hair. When it is applied, the hair becomes lifeless and the dull hair becomes shiny. The egg also strengthens the hair.

Protect hair from Dryness

If the hair is dry, take two tablespoons of yogurt in a pot and mix one tablespoon of mustard oil and apply it on the roots of the hair and wash the head thoroughly after a while. Yogurt is best for removing dryness. It is a substance that provides calcium and protein to the hair which helps in getting rid of dandruff. You can use this remedy once or twice.


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