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How to Choose the Best Lot for Your New House

Buying a new house is a major life milestone that requires you to make several critical decisions. One of such decisions is finding the right lot for your new home. But, with many new houses for sale, refining your lot choice can be daunting. Keep reading to learn what to look for when selecting your new home’s lot.

Lot Shape

When buying your home, pay attention to the lot’s shape. It impacts your property’s value and lot usage.

Lots come in different shapes, including:

  • Rectangle lots
  • Square lots
  • Pie-shaped lots
  • Reverse pie-shaped lots
  • Irregularly shaped lots

Each lot shape has its own pros and cons. So, you need to analyze them and determine the best shape for your next home.

Rectangular or square lots can be ideal if you want more usable space in your home. These lots are easy to measure, and you can distribute the space to suit your needs. For instance, you can add unique front and backyard features to improve your home’s functionality and curb appeal. 

Pie shaped-lots have odd angles that provide an opportunity for setting up barbecue areas and pools. So, if you wish to have recreational areas in your new home, this may be the right lot shape.

Choose a shape that increases your home’s value and allows for maximum lot utilization.

Lot Slope

Having your dream home on a slightly sloped lot offers numerous benefits. They include:

  • Spectacular views of the natural landscape, dramatic sunsets, and clear sky
  • Extra space for adding interesting architectural features like a walkout basement
  • Lots of natural light that transforms your house into an energy-efficient and healthy space
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But, if the slope is too steep, you might experience drainage and sewer issues. The water might flow towards your home causing flooding and soil erosion. Also, steep slopes can cause accessibility issues making it difficult for people and vehicles to access your house. 

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Pick a moderate slope for your home’s lot as it maximizes the benefits and alleviates the drawbacks. Consult an expert land surveyor to help you determine a lot’s grading before buying your next home.

Lot Location

Defining your needs first is crucial before determining your ideal lot location. By knowing your wants, you choose a place that will enhance convenience and comfort. You should inquire about the neighborhood facilities and amenities to maintain your living standards.

When evaluating the lot location for your new home, there are key things to look out for. These include:

  • The proximity to hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and recreational centers
  • Accessibility to roads and public transportation
  • Security and crime rates in the area
  • Development plans for new amenities
  • Neighborhood appearance

If you commute to and from work, choose a lot that has access to good roads. If you have or thinking about having children, a lot close to schools and recreational centers can be perfect. Adequate security and lower crime rates in the location will enhance safety.

While the available amenities in the lot location matter, pay attention to the future ones as well. Evaluate the area’s prospect for growth and future development plans.

Also, zoning and building regulations in your lot location are worth checking. They determine the projects you can carry out on your property such as renovations and home additions.

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Sun Exposure on Your Lot

Sun exposure determines the amount of sunlight and warmth your house receives. This affects your home’s heating and cooling costs and overall energy use.

Consider a northern orientation if you want a house that stays cool during summer. North-facing homes ward off heat from the summer sun, reducing the need for cooling the house. This can help prevent energy bills from hiking due to AC overuse.

South-facing homes are efficient for absorbing solar heat during winter. They also capture natural light from the south reducing lighting costs. This orientation can increase your cooling costs during summer. Southern orientation can be favorable for people living in colder regions.

Eastern orientation is optimal for morning people. It allows sunlight into the house and uplifts the moods of the interior at the crack of dawn. This orientation offers shade in the backyard during summer mornings. So, this exposure can be perfect if you prefer to relax and recreate in your yard in the morning. 

Western exposure can be suitable if you love sleeping in or watching sunsets. It keeps your home dark in the morning but allows natural illumination in the evening.

Before buying a home, understand each lot’s orientation and sun exposure. Pick an ideal orientation for your new home to meet your exposure needs.

Choose the Right Lot in New Houses for Sale

Selecting an ideal lot is all-important when buying your dream home. So, consider the above tips when evaluating new houses for sale to make a quality choice.


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