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How To Control All Skin Problems With 5 Homemade Remedies

Dark spot face, Yellow face, Blemishes on the face, Pimple marks, if your face skin is suffering from all these problems?
So be sure to try our tips. We have come up with some great home remedies for you
This will remove all your skin problems and your skin will be clean and clear

Brightening, Fairness & Instant Glowing Skin Homemade Remedies


  1. The first remedy is Aloe vera to bleach your skin
    Take a fresh Aloe vera or take Aloe vera Gel from outside and apply it on your face before going to bed at night and make sure to use it once a day. Aloe vera is very beneficial for the face, it brightens & fair the skin and removes blemishes Removes
  2. Another remedy is to mix two tablespoons of yogurt in a spoon gram flour and apply it on your face If you have dry skin, add two to three drops of lemon juice and if you have oily skin, add two to three drops of Rose water. Apply it once a day for a fee.
    This remedy cleanses the blemishes on the face, it will clear the skin of your face, use it daily, you will get the best result in two weeks
  3. The third remedy is Rose water that makes your face pink. It makes the skin fair and clear. The best way to use it is to wash and clean your face thoroughly before going to bed at night.
    Spray it well on face Make sure to use twice daily. You will get the best results soon
  4. The fourth remedy is very strong forever. Blonde face will get the best result in ten minutes
    For this you need a tablespoon of Tibat cream,
    Half a spoon Fair & lovely cream,
    And take a white capsule of Vitamin E.
    Make a paste by mixing these three things well and apply it on your face
    After applying, you put tissue paper on the face and after ten minutes, remove the tissue paper and massage it with light hands, then wash the face with cold water, you will get the result.
    will get 💯 result
  5. The fifth remedy is that you can use it every day. You have to take two tablespoons of yogurt.
    One tablespoon is for homemade flour
    Mix these two well and make a paste and apply this paste on the face for 5 minutes and leave it for 5 minutes. If the face starts getting dry then you can spray rose water on it. Thoroughly clean it with the help of tissue paper, then you will get a great result. Be sure to use this remedy daily. This homemade remedy will make your face glow.
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