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How To Earn Money In CryptoCurrency And How To Invest

if you have been interested invested the first time in cryptocurrency so invest that money that you can afford to lose. and this thing it’s not necessary to in crypto trading this is necessary for all investment which you interested to invest in because some times you invest in anything and you have to get Loss. so plz invest that money that you can afford to lose.
Invest in your own money because the crypto market depends on chance and your luck, it does not depend on a perfect time duration times it’s high in a few seconds and you get a lot of profit, and Sometimes the market goes down in a few seconds and you lose a lot so not invest all money just like you have one thousand dollars so not invest all thousand dollars you invest 100 and more than hundred dollars and gain an experience. & enhance your skill and knowledge. and after learning to Take advantage of your experience۔
if you are a newcomer I recommend you you are not investing in new coins you search in google’s top 20 crypto coins and invest in any topper coin because The risk of damage is very low in toper coins. so plz do not invest in unpopular coins but you have more than 10 or 20 thousand dollars so you invest in BTC coin۔

What Is Buying And Selling Limit Of Any Coin?

buy & sell limit

when the market is crashed you buy but support line keeps in mind if you support line not keep in mind You may not be able to buy on time so support line is very important. and not invest in one time.

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when you see the market is growing up so, first of all, you see the resistance level of the market and guess how much the market will go up and the market will be near the resistance level so you sell slowly. but resistance level is important to see on selling time.

The Majority Of People Ask How Much Investment Can We Make A Good Earning?

earn money

this is my personal opinion and my experience if you have invested a four or five thousand dollar monthly so you easily get a profit of one thousand dollars but it depends on your skills your knowledge and your luck as well

CryptoCurrency Top 10 Exchanges & Platforms in 2022

top 10 exchanges

1. Binance

2. Coinbase


4. TradingView

5. Bittrex

6. Bitstamp

7. Uphold

8. Gemini


10. Hodlnaut


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