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How to Find a Lost Mobile Phone?

Losing your phone will age you 10 years and you may suffer a panic attack. Especially for those individuals who don’t have the budget to get a new one. Every owner’s first instinct is to search the surroundings thinking they may or may not have misplaced it. However, what is one supposed to do, when the unthinkable happens and you still cannot find it? If you are stuck in a similar situation then we are happy to help you out. Because today, we are sharing several ways that can help you find the exact location of your phone.

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How to Track Your Lost Android & iPhone

Call on your lost device

No need to go to extreme lengths, when calling can suffice the situation and help you track your phone. If you live with your family and have friends or even have a spare phone. You can just ask them straightaway to ring on your lost phone and help you find it. In most cases, people just misplace their phones at home. However, if you left it in a restaurant, shop, or dropped it somewhere. Someone will pick up the phone and will inform you about the location and return it to you. It will work for both Android and iPhone users.

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How to locate your Android phone?

Device Manager is the best option for Android users to track their lost phones by using the computer. If it’s in the owner’s vicinity and is turned on. In case your phone is switched off and nowhere near the signal range. Use your computer to find the last reported location of your Android device.

  • If you are using Device Manager? Take your laptop or spare phone and log into your Google Account. Google Device Manager immediately will show your lost phone location on Google Maps. With the help of Device Manager, you can also lock your lost device, ring it, and wipe out the entire data and files in case it is stolen.
  • Use to check your phone’s last recorded location and if it is turned off. You should know, that if you are using this method you are completely dependent on Wi-Fi and mobile signals and cannot rely on GPS. So the accuracy to find your lost device is not similar to Device Manager.


How to locate your iPhone?

The best way to locate your lost iPhone is by using an application named “Find My iPhone”. You can find this app on the app store and download it on your phone. It is a legit app but to use this app. Your phone must be turned on and must have internet access.

  • If you have your laptop or a spare smartphone all you have to do is log inside your iCloud account and go to the “Find My iPhone” app. Right after this, your lost iPhone’s exact location will appear on your screen via the map. This map will help you keep tabs on your iPhone’s whereabouts easily.
  • “Find My iPhone” is not only going to help you track your phone. It can also help you turn on the alert sound. If the phone is somewhere near you can hear it otherwise someone nearby will hear it and respond to it.
  • There are also chances that your iPhone is stolen and you will never get it back. By using “Find My iPhone”  you can wipe out your lost iPhone data. Some that no can misuse that information against you.
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Final Verdict:-  There are multiple methods that you can use to track your device. However, these are the most effective ones and provide you with instant results. Fixing your damaged phone is a more pocket-friendly option than buying a new one. Use Quickmobile’s online mobile repair service since they provide you with cost-effective services and have a great team of phone repair experts who actively takes action.





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