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How to Maintain Hidden Frame Glass Doors

Installing hidden frame glass doors can be a huge upgrade for your home, as they boost curb appeal. The impressive properties of frameless glass doors help improve property value on resale, so you should maintain them to keep their value high! Maintaining glass door qualities might look complex, but simple tasks keep it performing properly. Here are some top tips for maintaining hidden frame glass doors to improve functionality.

Clean the Glass

Cleaning the glass panel is the simplest maintenance technique for frameless glass doors. A proper clean maintains a clear view, allowing for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

You should clean the glass panels using the right tools and techniques to prevent streak marks. Spraying natural cleaners on the glass and wiping dust down with a microfiber cloth will clean the glass while avoiding scratching. Start from the top and make your way to the bottom to cover every inch of the glass surface.

Rinse the panel thoroughly to remove soap water, and use a squeegee to dry the excess water off. Repeat the process for areas with stubborn stains and work on them until you get a clean glass.

Note: Cleaning on a sunny day increases the chances of having streaks on your windows. Cloudy weather is the best for cleaning frameless glass doors because soapy water will not dry off before you finish cleaning.

Don’t Forget the Tracks

A common area most people forget is the tracks, but you should clean them too for proper sliding door functionality. Dirt stuck along the track may cause sliding action for your frameless glass door more difficult. Remove the glass panels before cleaning to allow you full access to the track.

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Start by vacuuming the track to eliminate any loose dust and debris. If stubborn particles remain along the track, use a hard wire brush to lift them off the surface and suck them in using the vacuum.

Use a regular brush and warm soapy water to scrub the track for any dirt remnants. Remember to dry off thoroughly using a cloth before replacing the glass door panels. After replacing the glass, you must test it on the track and ensure it slides perfectly. Ensure all screws are tight on the top and bottom molding to prevent the panel from falling off.

Lubricate Regularly

The sliding action on frameless glass doors requires some form of lubrication on rollers to operate smoothly. Applying lubricant can help maintain your glass door’s functionality and prevent friction.

Use proper lubrication on your sliding tracks; experts recommend silicon-based options to reduce friction. Silicon-based lubricants also do not attract or accumulate dirt and debris, so they last longer. You can also use spray-on lubrication since it fills out every track area. Be generous with the lubricant application and try sliding while lubricating for an even spread.

You should lubricate the hinges for frameless glass doors other than sliding options to facilitate movement. Lubrication, in this case, occupies joints, allowing them to remain clean since there is no space for dirt. After lubricating the joints, wipe off any excess lubricant on the side for a neat result. 

Inspect For Damage Regularly

Damage to frameless glass door parts can affect overall functionality, so you should pay attention and note it early. Regular inspection of glass doors makes you aware of possible problems even before they start. Arresting such issues early saves you money on repairs and replacements before the damage extends further.

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You should conduct inspections often to identify issues early. Some of the common issues you have to look out for include:

  •    Dirty rollers
    •    Worn out parts
    •    Mis-alignment in the wheel area
    •    Broken panes
    •    Bent or damaged tracks
    •    Compromised or faulty locks
    •    Loose or missing door fixtures
    •    Cracks on tracks or panels

Any warning signs of potential problems should be treated quickly. Solving the problems fast can improve the door’s functionality and bolster security in your home. Call in a technician to handle repairs for any problems you notice.

Replace Worn Out Parts

During your inspection rounds, you might have noticed worn-out parts of the frameless glass doors. Any worn-out parts affect the proper functioning of your glass doors, so you should replace them instantly.

Find quality replacement parts to ensure they will hold up and serve you for long. You could buy some parts wholesale, which can save you money for future replacements.

Note: Leave repairs and replacement works to technicians; some parts require technical skills to function right, so you need quality service on the job.

Maintain Your Hidden Frame Glass Doors

Proper maintenance of your hidden frame glass doors will ensure they retain optimal functionality. The above maintenance techniques also boost the security of your house by reinforcing frameless glass door strength. Contact the technicians to get a quality service for any serious problems. Your frameless glass door manufacturer can also direct you on easy fixes you can manage.


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