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How to Price a Used Car for Sale

Determining the right price for your new and new used cars for sale can be nerve-wracking. Setting the price too high can scare away potential buyers. A lower price could leave you exploited at the end of the transaction. Whether you’re seeking to buy or sell a used car, make sure you are prepared to get a great deal.

Doing some homework up front, such as conducting in-depth market research and customer evaluation, can help you determine an accurate price tag. Here are some of the ways to price a used car for sale.

Understand the Market Demand

Many factors determine the resale value of your car. How popular is your car? What is its model? What’s the intensity of wear and tear? What is its fuel efficiency? Can seasonal factors and location impact the price of car sales? You don’t expect the demand for a convertible to be high on those frigid winter days.

Vehicles such as SUVs might have a lower demand for people residing in urban areas with limited parking space. It could be a perfect choice for people living in the suburbs, and be worth a higher price. Utility vehicles such MPVs and UVs are more desirable in the commercial market and can give you high value.

Check the Price Guides

Some established and authentic resources can provide you with an objective value of your new, used cars for sale. For example, Kelley Blue Book (KBB), Edmunds, and other market guides will offer a trade-in price at a dealership and a private-party price for your vehicle. The price will depend on your vehicle’s condition. You should know that the prices incorporated in these books are not asking prices but transaction prices. To make sure you are not shortchanged, always surpass the quotation from these guides.

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Check Out Your Competition

To gain a competitive edge, you should assess prices on online used car retailers. These sites help you to stick within the range of the competition. The sites usually research the prices in advance to enable clients to get matches closer to their vehicles.

These prices are typically asking prices and not the selling prices of the cars. To have a fair price, you can compare the car’s condition, geographic location, and gas mileage, among other factors. You may be able to negotiate the price with the buyer.

Price your New Used Cars for Sale Competitively

After assessing the competition, you should price your car competitively. Do not set a fixed price. Leave some room for a bit of negotiation to avoid taking an immense loss to get a sale.

When putting a price tag, you can even contemplate the psychological aspects of car buying. Instead of $20,000, you can put a price like $19,900. Most car dealers apply this technique by ending the prices in “9.” If you don’t want potential buyers to confuse you with a car dealer, you can come up with something different such as $11,750 0r $11,500.

Although you should price your car competitively, don’t forget to have a strong pricing strategy together with pricing your car a bit higher. This should mainly apply to vehicles in appreciable condition with low mileage.

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Trust Your Intuition

After concluding the comprehensive research, it is time to trust your intuition. You should focus on the amenities of your car when setting a price. If your car price attracts many potential buyers, you could consider adjusting the price as the demand increases.

Summing Up

Always look for ways to maximize your returns, no matter the method or the location where you are selling the car. You should give it an exceptional “curb appeal” to attract a high value. If the vehicle has any mechanical problem, fix it before retailing it. Don’t feel the need to go with your first buyer. You can work with financers for setting prices on new used cars for sale.


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