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How will Freelancers benefit from e-commerce in Pakistan?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated a national e-commerce portal to assist in buying and selling through the internet in Pakistan.
Inaugurating the portal on Monday, he announced the good news that the government has reduced the tax for registered freelancers to zero. He said that exports in the IT sector could increase to 50 billion in the next few years.

What is an e-commerce portal?

Badar Khushnood, a member of the National E-Commerce Council and chairman of the Pakistan Software Houses Association, said that the e-commerce portal is actually a website for people connected to e-commerce in Pakistan where they can be helped through one-window operations. Will, said that the purpose of this portal is to help in the promotion of e-commerce in the country. All kinds of details and data will be provided on it.
‘If you are a freelancer or are involved in e-commerce and you need any kind of information regarding your company or business, you can get it by visiting this website. Or if there are complaints regarding the work of SECP, you can also lodge a complaint by referring to this portal.

What is e-commerce?

According to Badr Khoshnood, there are many models of e-commerce, but the business that is done mainly with the help of technology is called e-commerce.
In the country, buying and selling goods on websites like Draz, OLX, or Food Panda is a form of e-commerce called online marketplace trading.
Similarly, if Pakistani goods are sold through Facebook or Instagram, it will be called social commerce.
Badr Khoshnood added that doing business abroad through websites like Amazon or Alibaba falls into the category of e-commerce but it will be called Business to Business to Consumer Trade (B2B2C).
According to Aun Abbas Bapi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for E-Commerce, an e-commerce policy was formulated in Pakistan in October 2019, under which e-commerce has been recognized as a registered trade.
He said that e-commerce in Pakistan was worth Four billion last year while e-commerce was worth 30 3 trillion worldwide.

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Who are the freelancers and how will they benefit from the e-portal?

According to Badr Khoshnood, a member of the National E-Commerce Council, a freelancer is a person who serves abroad and is not a full-time employee. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for E-Commerce Aun Abbas said that freelancers will also be facilitated through e-portal. He said that the present government has taken several steps for freelancers and in the year 2020 the monthly requirement for freelancers was up to five thousand dollars which this government has increased to 25 thousand dollars per month.
He said that due to this measure, the foreign exchange earnings in this sector from abroad have increased from 214 million to 396 million. He said that under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, innovation was coming in the field of e-commerce, through which exports have been facilitated. To a question, Badr Khoshnood said that at present there are about one million freelancers in the country but they have not registered anywhere however the Ministry of Information Technology has recently started the process of their registration. He said that the government had imposed a fixed tax of one percent on them in the last budget which has now been abolished by the Prime Minister which is welcome.


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