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Is SAP a System Integrator?

If you have chosen ERP software for the organization to support your digital transformation, it is crucial to know about the suitable SI. Whether it is an implementation partner or service provider, the choice is vital as they have a higher level of importance than the ERP software.

Most people go for SAP and S/4HANA as they are the reliable choice. The digital transformation projects greatly depend on the SAP integrators you select.

Some popular system integrators have gained global recognition, while others offer services to a particular audience. It can be daunting for people to choose the best SI for their business. A good SAP SI will make all the difference, so you must be cautious while selecting the SAP integrator.

Consider the Competency

Initially, you should check whether the desired SI will support your project at the necessary scale. For instance, a huge multinational company with global operations will look for integrators with a worldwide footprint.

Before selecting the SI, it is crucial to review the client feedback and determine whether the SI has provided support for any organization that is identical to your company’s size and industry.

Moreover, you should evaluate how an SAP integrator will fit your organization, which is one crucial aspect you must consider while choosing the SI.

A reliable SI will understand the front-line employees and executive team more, as they are significant for a smooth journey. In a nutshell, scrutinize your organization’s work culture and select an SAP SI that suits you well.

Check for All Your Options

Many companies desire to have top names in the industry regarding SAP SI options. It is understandable as the brand names have worldwide recognition, which nudges organizations to select them. However, there are several reasons to check other available options.

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As the industry is expanding, you will have a plethora of options, and considering certain aspects like scale, reach, success rate or industry experience will help you.

If you are a small or medium-sized company, you can utilize the help of mid-tier SAP specialists to achieve SAP implementation goals.

Understand Ownership Role

Experts suggest clients properly understand ownership (the one responsible for implementation). It is essential to remember that you are executing a digital transformation project for your organization. Whether it is a success or a shortcoming, you will be impacted by the project.

You should consider system integrators an excellent resource to support the project. You will get precise details about the tools and methodology of SI, but the final call will be yours.

Risk Identification

After selecting the SI for your project, it is hard for them to identify risks that may become a catastrophe. With reliable assistance, you can find those risks and check the PMO structure’s sturdiness.

Along with these, you can incorporate a QA system that works well with the SAP integrator, and noticing potential problems will be easier.

SAP SI can Strengthen the Project

SAP implementation projects necessitate organizations to use the SAP SI service, but only sure SIs are suitable for the projects. Selecting the right SI might be a daunting task, and you can do research before deciding on a suitable SI.

If you choose SAP as the best support for ERP, it is essential to determine the right SAP integrator. Your decision is vital, so research well before selecting an SAP SI.

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