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Native Advertising And Examples

Native advertising examples can be fun and innovative. Some examples include
Game of Thrones, Amway, Clarins, and Land Rover’s Dragon Challenge videos. If you
want to create a native advertising example that gets people to take action,
consider these examples. These examples will help you get your marketing message
across to your audience in the best way possible.

Game of Thrones Advertisement

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows in history, and fans are
clamoring for more. The show has inspired many advertising campaigns, including a
limited edition White Walker gin from Diageo and HBO, which nods to the show’s
“frozen north” where the White Walkers first emerged. Another Game of Thrones
native advertising example is the Aldi grocery chain’s addition of a Game of Thrones
twist to their “Like brands” campaign.

Land Rover’s Dragon Challenge Video

Land Rover’s Dragon Challenge video serves as a great example of how to use video
as a native advertising tool. The video, which features a professional Formula One
driver scaling Heaven’s Gate in China in a specially equipped Range Rover SUV, is a
fun, eye-catching advertisement that conveys the values of the Land Rover brand
without being too obvious.

Land Rover consistently produces exceptional marketing content campaigns. Its
Dragon Challenge video is a great example of how native advertising can be used in
video format. This video, which was shot on the Chinese mountainside, cleverly
reflects the values of the brand. Another great example of native video advertising is
Mercedes Benz’s Intelligent Drive video. The video uses a virtual reality experience
to show off the car’s advanced technology. It also promotes engagement through
questions and information hot spots.

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Another excellent example of native advertising is Mercedes Benz’s campaign, which
connects a car with cutting-edge excellence. It establishes the company as more
than a car manufacturer. In a similar way, viral memes are a good way to build
brand awareness. This viral story was updated by Business Insider in 2013 to
include the ad, which ties into the story behind it.


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