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Negative Space Cut Crease In 5 Simple Steps

You do not have to have an S.O. To beautify Space Cut your face with heart makeup for Valentine’s Day this year. No matter what your plans are for February 14th, you can take inspiration from Instagram. Makeup artists like Lauren Elyse and Jkissa have posted some great posts on their feeds, and I can’t ignore the festive trend that comes year after year. In 2017, Kylie Jenner even tried out for her Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Collection campaign.

Heart Makeup Space Cut to me of an elementary school student who lived to give his classmates a handmade Valentine – and my current love of experimenting with makeup. (Shootout to Yellow Eye Shadow.) Of course, the makeup shapes found on Instagram can be very complicated at times for everyday makeup wearers, so I collected some of my favorite shapes to pull. It’s easy.

If you have milk makeup, black heart tattoo stamps, or flirt cosmetics chasers in hand, it will be easier to create these shapes than drawing on a sharp, feathered liner. Some of the craft store’s heart-shaped stickers and a liquid liner (you can find some of Elver’s favorites here) are also helpful.

Scroll down to find out how to turn your cut crease into Valentine’s Day, or just change the shape of your liquid lipstick.

  1. Mix different shades of pink and red for a rainbow mix under the eyes

    It may sound a little scary, but if you are patient with it, it is not really complicated. Makeup artist Adele Natalie starts by choosing three to five colors, from light to deep. (Here, he used the shades of Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Mini Vol. 3 Palette and the Colorpop Pressed Powder Shadow in Worth It and Sandbar).

    Then, with a small brush – which she suggests Elver could be either flat or fluffy – she draws a small heart, starting at the middle of the forehead. From there, it picks up dark shadows and fills the space on both sides of the heart. She works along the brown line from dark to light shades to achieve this beautiful effect of the rainbow. Don’t worry if you mess up. She says you can use a make-up remover on a cotton swab to create the shape.

  2. Draw the winged cat’s eye with the heart decal in the inner corner

    While we love a classic winged cat’s eye Space Cut, we also love twist makeup artist Rocio Cervantes with a simple heart in the inner corner. And although she used a lip product to get the shape, we would recommend sticking to the eye product for this sensitive area. Try Depixym Cosmetic Emulsion to get this full red color and lasting strength.

  3. Decorate your craze with a colorful collection of hearts

    If you can draw on a piece of paper, trust me when I say you can easily pull on your lids. Make-up artist Kate Murphy only proved this when she shared her heartfelt cut craze on make-up addiction subtitle. He started by sweeping all his lids with rose gold eye shadow like L’OrĂ©al Paris Infallible Paints Eyeshadow Metallics in Rose Chrome. Next, she created the Flex to create a negative space shape before lining her crease with the Cat Van D tattoo liner.

    Then Murphy covered hearts with warm pink, orchid, and burgundy shades from the Morphe 35B Color Glam Eye Shadow Palette. From there, it also lined up with its lower water lines (here are some step-put liner tips) and used the same pink shade to warm its lower lids. Finally, Murphy ended his heartbeat with two coats of Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara.

  4. Instead of the trend points, try the under-eye heart

    After customizing the rest of your makeup & Space Cut, adding one or two quick hearts is incredibly easy. This is where the milk makeup black heart tattoo stamp or flirt cosmetics chaser comes in handy. Using her pupil as a guide, make-up artist Alyssa Marie did something like sealing or pasting the heart just below her lower lash line.

  5. Show your Cupid’s bow as if it had collided with Cupid’s bow.Use the natural shape of your lips to create extremely easy lip art with liquid lipstick. It’s all about combining the two textures, so you’ll need matte lipstick and gloss. Or you can swipe on the brightness and tap on some brightness. Kim Ter Stage, a Dutch make-up artist, applied lipstick matte velvetine lipstick to her lips in Dream Girl. Then, before filling it, he sketched the heart shape between his lips with the Lime Crime Diamond Crusher Lip Topper on the cheap trail. Bus.You can follow the same steps as E.L.F. with clear lip gloss. Lip gloss and red glow. I like Lemonhead’s Roosevelt Space Paste because you don’t have to deal with fallouts and shiny dirt when you apply it.
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