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Off-Beat But Truly Romantic Gift Ideas For First Marriage Anniversary

A marriage anniversary is a milestone in a marriage. It marks the journey that a couple went through. All the anniversaries are special whether it is first, second, tenth, or twenty-fifth. It is the time in your marriage when a couple rejoices in their journey. It is meant to be celebrated.

But above all, the first anniversary is very special because as a newlywed couple you spend an entire year together and go through many ups and downs. For newlyweds, it is difficult to adjust to new surroundings and get to know each other. So this one year is full of excitement and adventure. There are conflicts, disagreements, and lots of love. As a couple, it is not easy so if you have accomplished this together and on this first stepping stone of marriage then you should celebrate this day and make it worth remembering.

You will get a lot of blogs on how you can celebrate this day but this article is solely dedicated to what gifts you should give your partner on your first anniversary. This is a very tedious job to do and that’s why we are here with this article to help you. We have curated a list of some offbeat but truly romantic gifts for your partner so check it out.

Monogrammed Leather Watch Personalized

We live in the world of technology and mobile phones have replaced the watch to a larger extent. But as an accessory watch is still considered a luxurious thing to have. I know you would be thinking about how a watch can be an offbeat gift but there is a twist in this as well. You can gift your partner a monogrammed leather watch on your first anniversary. This will remain as a memory of your first anniversary forever with them. It will remind them of your love and presence whenever they will wear them. The best part is that watches can be gifted to anyone irrespective of their gender so if you are a female reading this then you can get this for your husband and if you are a male reading this then you can get it for your wife. Above all, it will be personalized with their initials so it will be very special for them.

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Gift a Staycation

This corona pandemic has taught us how we can celebrate our special days in our house. We don’t have to step out and roam around every time whenever there is something special. For your first anniversary, you can plan a staycation at the nearest hotel or resort and enjoy your time there. Staycation is a great way to enjoy the vacation and spend quality time together. There are many hotels available that are providing this facility to their customers so you can check them out. You can order a first marriage anniversary cake and celebrate this day romantically with your partner.

Scented candles

The first year in a marriage is considered a honeymoon period when a couple is trying to get to know each other and adjust their life accordingly. So in this get to know each other period there is a lot of romance and love in the air. Scented candles can be a great addition to your romantic ambiance. So why not give this to your life partner as a gift and make sure you both use it as soon as possible. You can use them while having a romantic candlelight dinner or while having quality conversations. You can get a variety of scented candles in the market or you can also order them online.

Engraved wooden music box

Smartphones and the internet have made everything available in a click. We can access all kinds of music from any genre anytime. Earlier music boxes were very popular and people keep them as luxury items. But everything changed since the technology stepped in. Gifting an engraved wooden musical box to your partner will be a very romantic surprise to them especially when it is personalized. You can get a romantic message engraved for your partner. Your partner will cherish this gift forever.

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Framed wedding picture

Your marriage was the most special day of your life and after that, your anniversary is as special as that. So instead of choosing any other gifts, you can get your wedding picture and your picture on your first anniversary framed together along with a romantic message. This will be a great indicator of your journey as a couple. I am sure your partner will adore this gift forever. You can order an anniversary cake from online gifting websites. Online cake delivery is available in Bangalore so you can leverage that if you live there.

I hope you liked and found this article helpful. So don’t waste your time searching for gifts, instead choose one from the above and utilize this time with your partner.


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