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Online Shopping Tips for Indians living in Berlin – [2022 Updated]

Whether you are of Indian descent staying in Germany or your ancestors migrated from India and you hold a German passport. Anyway, we know that you are an Indian by heart when it comes to buying clothes, groceries, or any other daily utility item. Germany hosts 110,204 Indian descents out of which, are holding Indian passports and the rest are now citizens of Germany and have German passports.

To help this realm of Indians in Germany, we have compiled a list of online shopping tips for Indians living in Berlin, Germany. Without much ado let’s jump directly on our topic of discussion.

Online Shopping Tips for Indians Living in Berlin, Germany

Gone are the days when shopping used to be something which an individual did for a special event like marriage, birthday or anything else. Today, with the advancement of technology and the internet, shopping has become a frequently done activity, and “stay at home” and other safety concerns have provided gasoline to this rising fire. 

Read this blog till the end to find out about the best tips for online shopping in Berlin being an Indian.

Prepare your list in advance

Today, almost everything is available online and the availability of thousands of product categories on major eCommerce for online shopping in Berlin has made it a difficult, confusing, and time-consuming task to shop for everything that was needed because of the amazing user experience and a variety of products often succeed in luring the user with more and more product views.

Add to Wishlist

Almost every eCommerce platform allows you to add products to your wishlist so that you can buy them later. Often ignored, this wishlist can be really useful. Wishlists can help you in keeping an eye on the product you desire to buy and can be bought when there is a discount or deal on the product. Also, a wishlist can serve as your motivational board and remind you of your dream product added by you in your wishlist every time you buy something from the platform. 

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Buy storable items whenever they are on sale

Most Indian grocery items, fortunately, have a good shelf life and can be stored for months. For example, pulses, spices, rice, and sugar can be stored in airtight containers for more than 6-8 months. So, next time you see an offer online on an Indian store in Berlin or a sale on these products, buy them. Because maybe not today but you will need them and you can store them. This will help you save a healthy amount of money. 

Choose a Desi Platform

Choose a desi platform i.e. one that is managed by Indians like “Dookan” or Indians living in Germany or which is an India-based company providing its services in Germany or an aggregator platform like Amazon. Indian Stores managed or owned by Indians will make you feel at home and will understand your concerns well in comparison to a German company targeting an Indian customer base. 

Choose an Indian store in Berlin that provides monthly saving offers

Groceries and other daily utility items are needed on a day-to-day basis and people often buy them every month. Choose an Indian store in Berlin like Dookan that offers monthly savings of up to 20% and additional benefits to reduce this non-avoidable expenditure.

Prefer Indian brands for staples

The acquired taste of Indians for daily food can be achieved only through the taste of India. In whichever country you are residing, if you are a grown-up Indian who has spent the taste acquiring and habit formation years of his/her life in India can satisfy his stomach without the proper Indian taste but he/she can not satisfy the heart without getting daily staples from the Indian brands. For example, Namkeen is now manufactured all around the globe but do you think anyone can match the taste of Bikaji or Haldiram when it’s about Namkeen?? NO!

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Compare Indian Prices

For anything you buy in Berlin being an Indian, you must always compare the price of the product in Indian rupees. So, if possible, you can carry the products in your luggage (if legally allowed). Also, sometimes the product can still cost cheaper if someone is buying it for you in India and ships it to you in Berlin. Although, it does not apply to daily utility items like groceries and you have to find a best-fit Indian store in Berlin for it. 

This brings us to the conclusion of this blog post on Online shopping tips for Indians living in Berlin. We hope you are taking back something productive and profitable from this post and it will help you in saving time, money, and most importantly- feelings! Because no matter what, an Indian shops the Indian way and wants the services and products in the Indian way, only!

We will be back with an amazing and meaningful blog for you to help you in your day-to-day lifestyle. Till then, keep reading and keep exploring. 



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