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Party Finger Food Ideas Budget

There are so many party finger food ideas that you can try. Here are some of them:
French toast, S’mores, ham and cheese pinwheels, and homemade guacamole dip.
All are delicious and can be made on a budget. You can use the calculator to figure
out how much of each appetizer you’ll need. Depending on the size of the party, you
may want to make 4 to 5 different finger foods. Each finger food should serve about
twelve people. You can also use decorations to set a theme and make the party
atmosphere festive.


If you’re looking for easy party finger foods with great taste, try S’mores. S’mores
are basically chocolate-covered marshmallows dipped into graham cracker crumbs.
They are then inserted onto a stick and placed in the fridge to set.

French toast

French toast as party finger food ideas budget doesn’t have to be difficult. All you
need is a few ingredients and you can make a decadent breakfast buffet. A large
serving of French toast can cost just a few dollars. French toast can also be a
centerpiece at a brunch.

Ham and cheese pinwheels

Ham and cheese pinwheels are a kid-friendly snack and party food idea. These
pinwheels are filled with ham and cheese and can be made with a variety of
ingredients. These appetizers can be served at a party or as a lunchbox treat. Since
back to school is approaching quickly, ham and cheese pinwheels are a great choice.

Homemade guacamole dip

Homemade guacamole dip is a healthy party finger food idea that is easy to make.
This delicious and nutritious dip is perfect for parties and can save you a lot of
money compared to buying pre-made salsa and other party ingredients. This recipe
calls for avocados that are ripe. To reduce the costs, use Dominican avocados that
are bright green and smooth. If you can’t find the Dominican varieties, you can use
Hass varieties instead. They are cheaper but remember to buy them a few days
before the party so that you have time to prepare them. If you’re not sure how to
make guacamole, you can use a pre-made party mix, but remember that it is high in

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Baked potato bars

Baked potato bars are a perfect choice for game days or other occasions where you
need to feed a large crowd. They’re also very budget-friendly and easy to prepare.
You can buy ready-made toppings and prepare them in the crock pot or slow cooker.
You can also cook potatoes on a baking sheet and place them in a large bowl for
guests to choose from.


Taquitos are a delicious party finger food that’s low-cost to make. They can be made
with just eight ingredients, including pizza dough from the store. The result is a
crowd-pleasing snack that will only cost you 71 cents per serving. You can also make
them vegan by using shredded jackfruit instead of chicken. Serve them with
homemade guacamole for a mellow, spicy bite.

Popcorn bar

Popcorn is a tasty treat that is endlessly munchable. Whether it is plain or flavored,
you can create a popcorn bar to wow your guests. Add your favorite toppings to your
popcorn and serve it in cute paper cones. Print popcorn bar printables onto legalized copier paper or 12×12 card stock cut them out with a craft knife, and secure
them with tape.


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