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Pros and Cons of Closure hair

Closure hair has been all the rage recently. It’s because of the closure’s adaptability and the perfect look which appears to grow from your scalp. 

Recreating the natural parting of the hairline is one huge benefit of closure hair. Closures are perfect for styling wigs, weaves, and natural hair extensions and help complete your style. However, anyone new to the product may find it difficult to make a decision on whether to buy it or not. You may be intimidated that your hair will not seem natural, the colors won’t match, or the styling will be unusual. These are all legitimate issues. So, it’s crucial to have all the information you require about closure before purchasing, even its dark side. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of closure hair below.

First Thing First: What is Closure Hair?
Human Hair Closures

A closure hair is a 4 X 4-inch fabric used to close off a wig, weave, or any hair accessory. Closures are available in various forms that usually offer freestyle parting options. 

The Pros of Closure Hair

Closure hair is the ideal accessory for those who love parting hair. It offers a natural-looking part that is as good as your natural hair or even better than your hair. 

1. Versatile Parting Options
A natural side-parting with closure hair

Invest in high-quality closure hair, and you will achieve an undetectable look. Nobody will know you are wearing a closure!

Human hair closures have a medium density and bleached knots to mimic the natural scalp. Closure hair allows you to part your hair wherever you want- side, middle, or three-way. just go for what you prefer. For a completely natural look, maintain the appearance of a natural hairline after parting your hair.

2. Versatile and Manageable

Steam-permed human hair closure hair is extremely smooth, natural, and flexible. 

It is compatible with hot tools, so you can blow out, flat iron, and curl it without damaging the strands. Try various curls and waves with human hair closures, and you don’t have to worry about losing its texture or originality. It will return to its original texture after shampooing and conditioning.

3. Presents a Realistic Hairline
Realistic Hairline with Closures

Achieving the most natural-looking hairline is one of the amazing benefits of wearing closures. 

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Wear it properly, and the closure will practically melt into your scalp, giving you a natural-looking hairline.

Apart from that, closures also help women with receding hairlines. A human hair closure can conceal your balding or thinning hairline instantly. 

4. Serves as a Protective Style

The fact that your hair is braided and protected behind your closure provides the most effective protective styling. 

Closures allow your crown to take a rest from everyday wear and tear, including flat-ironing, product build-up, excessive styling, and external damage. Your hair requires rest from time to time, and wearing a closure is a perfect solution to give your hair a break. 

5. A Variety of Texture
A variety of hair closures

From Spiral Curl to Natural Straight Closure, closure pieces come in every texture you can imagine. Straight, wavy, curly, kinky, and various other textures are available at Hair Factory. So, pick the right one and play around to achieve a gorgeous look.

6. Safe to Bleach and Dye

Wearing a closure hair weave lets you try out various styles and colors while causing minimal damage to your natural hair. You can use lace closures to blend weaves and wigs with your natural hair color and texture. 

Leave aside your natural hair aside and instead, dye your weave and closure to achieve your natural hair color. The process is considerably safer than coloring your hair. 

7. Easy to Maintain

Maintaining a closure hairpiece does not necessitate a lot of skill. There are no other hair accessories that are more low maintenance than closures. It’s amazing to have complete styling freedom with a low-maintenance accessory that can give you amazing hair. 

Closure hair requires washing, shampooing, and conditioning seldom. Probably, once a month if you use it regularly!

8. Closure Hair is Durable

You can expect closure hair to last longer with good care. Human hair closures are especially very durable. However, you need to take it off and readjust often. Closure hair endures for 2 to 4 weeks before needing to be retouched. 

The longer your closures are left in place, the more likely they will irritate your skin and damage your hairline. So, visit a salon once a month to readjust and ensure your scalp and hairline are not affected. 

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The Cons of Closure Hair

Closures don’t always come with benefits. They have a few drawbacks that you should consider when buying. You need to know both sides of closure hair; good and bad! We can’t simply ignore the downside of closures simply because it has multiple amazing benefits.

1. Limited Styling Options

The lace closure usually doesn’t allow much flexibility when it comes to styling. You can only choose from three different styles: three-part, free part, or center part. 

A closure also prevents you from pulling your hair back into a ponytail, and usually, updos are not feasible with closure hair. 

2. Requires Frequent Readjustment

Your growing hair lifts your weave/wig or pushes it out of the way, and you’ll need to readjust your wig or weave every month. 

Visiting salons and paying them for their service monthly can become costly.

3. Closure Hair Don’t Fit Sometimes

All closures are not designed with perfect measurements. So, users often face too loose or too tight issues. 

Another problem is that you will end up with a closure that doesn’t fit well if there is a flaw in measuring your head size. 

4. Closures Can Inflict Damage

Despite being a perfect protective style, closure can still cause damage to your hairline. 

You risk ripping out your natural hairline if you don’t remove them carefully. You should be cautious not to damage your natural hairline because it is extremely difficult to heal. The best thing you could do is go to a salon and get it removed by a professional stylist. 

Final Thoughts

These are the pros and cons of closure hair that everyone should know. Although closures have some negative implications on users, they are considered one of the best styling accessories to create natural hair parting. Closure hair is a perfect complement for weaves and wigs to pull off a natural look. 


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