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Reasons To Buy Property In Istanbul’s New Districts

There are many factors that make properties in Istanbul an attractive investment asset. Undoubtedly, one of them is the Turkish government’s ambitious plans to improve infrastructure and implement new projects. Because of this approach, the country has become one of the 20 most powerful economies in the world, and Istanbul has become its tourism capital. A densely populated city, which is an economic and commercial hub, is developing day by day in all areas, be it the transport network or the construction sector, contributing to the expansion of its territory.

The population density of Istanbul is increasing rapidly. A large number of former Pakistanis from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and other countries are living here. To reduce the burden on the old city, the Turkish government had to expand the area of ​​the city and make new areas attractive to foreigners.

Among the new districts that have emerged as a result of this initiative, it is important to highlight Bisakshir, Bakhchishir, Spartakule, and Belikduzu. Here you can find everything you need for a comfortable life, including shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals, universities, and mosques. In less than ten years, these districts have become one of the most popular destinations not only among foreign but also local investors.


Out of Istanbul’s 40 districts, Basaksehir managed to become one of the most popular. It was founded in 2009 after the separation from Kyuchukchekmedje. Basaksehir is bordered by many important districts of the city: in the north – with Arnautaki and Sajili Dere lake, in the northeast – with Ayup, in the east – with Sultan Gazi and Esenler, in the south – with Bagdezahler, in the southwest. – with Esnevert.

Reasons To Buy Property In Bisaksheer

  1. The width of the roads and their orderly layout, the vast greenery, the quiet environment, as well as the distance from the hustle and bustle of the city;
  2. About 35 primary schools, 30 secondary schools, and 5 kindergartens, as well as 3 of Istanbul’s most famous international schools;
  3. The developed metro network, which has become one of the most important factors that contributed to the increase in the investment value of the region;
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Rich Local

  1. Ibn Khaldoun University, despite the fact that it has not been open for a long time, is known within the country and around the world.
  2. Medical City, the largest medical town in Europe and the Middle East;
  3. Mall of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest shopping mall;
  4. A library with an area of ​​2,500 thousand m2, containing more than 100,000 books.
  5. Luxury five-star hotels, restaurants, cinemas, and other entertainment venues.


Bakhchesehir is located on the European side of the city, between Kucukcekmedje and Buyukcekmedje lakes. He belongs to the Bisakshir district. Historically, Bahcesehir was an independent district.

The word “Bakhchishir” means “city of gardens” in Turkish. The district got its name because of its parks and greenery, hills, and an industrial lake that covers an area of ​​300,000 m2. Due to these factors, Bakhchesehir was able to receive several awards from the Turkish Ministry of Environment and the European Union in a short period of time.

Reasons To Buy Property In Bakhchisher

  1. Proximity to Istanbul’s third airport and the Istanbul Canal Project, which will connect the Black Sea to the Sea of ​​Marmara when completed.
  2. A developed transport network as well as many social amenities and cultural centers;
  3. a large number of secondary, preparatory, and primary schools, polyclinics, cultural centers, theaters, and shopping centers;
  4. Several famous universities, including Istanbul Esenyurt University and Istanbul University
  5. A wide range of residential real estate, including studios, 1-6 bedroom apartments, duplex apartments, hotel apartments, villas, penthouses, etc.
  6. The investment attractiveness is justified by the proximity to important infrastructure facilities such as Bakshihar Cham and Sakura Hospital, the largest hospital in Turkey, the Chocolate Museum, and the world’s largest tennis academy.


Ispartakule is located north of Kyuchyukchekmedje Lake. It is part of the Avcilar district and is bordered by Basaksehir to the north and east and Bakhchesehir to the west. Spartakol, like the previous two districts, is located near Istanbul’s third airport. You can get here using the E-80 highways and TEM, which are located a few minutes away from Bakhchesehir and Esenyurt. Due to the fact that the area is located on a high hill, it is characterized by a flat landscape and lower temperature compared to the city center.

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Reasons To Buy Property In Ispartakule

  1. The proximity of the aforementioned Istanbul Canal, which has already begun to be called the second Bosphorus and which, according to experts, will lead to a rapid increase in local real estate prices.
  2. The charming nature, due to which the region of the district is dominated by a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
  3. Highways allow local residents to quickly reach any part of the city despite the distance from the center.
  4. The largest residential projects being built according to the latest earthquake resistance standards, with innovative design and heat-insulating glass facades;
  5. A wide selection of multi-story apartments, whose residents can enjoy views of the surrounding greenery and Lake Kyuchukchekmedje.
  6. A number of international hotels include Sheraton, Hilton, Radisson Blu, and Rotana.


Beylikduzu is a rural area located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It attracts property buyers who want to be surrounded by green nature and the sea while enjoying modern amenities. Being a rapidly growing and developing location with a strategic location, Beylikduzu has become one of the most well-served areas of the city. It has everything you need for a comfortable life, including universities, schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, green parks, etc.

Reasons To Buy Property In Beylikduzu

  1. A transport network that provides local residents with access to the European and Asian parts of the city.
  2. Luxurious residential complex with extensive amenities and sea views.
  3. Schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and other critical infrastructure are necessary to maintain a high standard of living.
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