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Reasons To Buy Yamaha Mt 15 This Diwali

yamaha mt 15 is one of the top motorcycle brands to count on heavy-duty bikes. In fact, overall bike sales in India have almost recovered by 2022, and the upcoming festive season will further accelerate it.

What is your choice this year? A sporty and heavy-performance motorcycle. You can find many different brands and types of bikes, but have you checked out the Yamaha MT15? Not yet, then look for it a lot. It is an advanced bike with multiple features and excellent performance.

Why do you check out the Yamaha MT15 more? Here are some great reasons:
Yamaha parts are always important in terms of what bikers expect from the company. This two-wheeler is definitely an innovation from the motorcycle brand, which ensures on-road performance. Honestly, the MT 15 speaks and defines what any adventure bike needs. Check out the Yamaha MT15 at the drome; Maybe you’ll like it.

These are the must-know reasons to choose the Yamaha segment this Diwali.

  1. Key Features: Yamaha bikes are always loaded with the best features that provide the safest and most comfortable ride to the riders. It comes with great features like a digital speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, and Bluetooth connectivity. The bike provides smooth handling and ensures a great driving experience for long routes and rough terrains.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: Of course, this Yamaha is segmented fuel economy as it delivers an average mileage between 40 KMPL to 45 KMPL. The bike is fitted with a 10-liter capacity fuel tank and is great for mileage.
  3. Details: Unbelievable performance comes with unique features in the vehicles. The specifications of the Yamaha MT 15 are really quite suitable for its price. The bike produces a maximum power of 18.23 Bhp @ 10,000 Rpm and a maximum torque of 13.9 Nm @ 8,500 Rpm. It comes with a manual transmission, chain drive type, disc braking system, self-start, swing arm (rear suspension), and telescopic (front suspension), which improves the overall bike mechanism.
  4. Engine and Performance: The heavy-duty 155cc engine setup works well in the motorcycle. It provides satisfactory performance and stability to the bike. This makes the Yamaha MT 15 a modern leader compared to other motorcycles in the market. Thus, a great bike to invest in with next-level performance on the road.
  5. Appearance and Body Design: Yamaha adventure bikes preferably have a monster look. A well-built body with a sharp tail and headlights gives the MT 15 a strong appeal that can be impressive. The bare and strong look quality of Yamaha makes it a next-generation bike with great features and performance.
  6. Variants Available: If you want the MT 15, there is a choice of variants. The company has launched a complete series of MT 15 such as 150cc Bs6, 150cc Special Edition Bs6, and 150cc Monster Energy in 2022. Color availability has also been specified, giving bike buyers a choice of options in Metallic Black, Ice Flow Vermilion, Dark Matte Blue, Matte Blue, Cyan Storm, and Racing Blue.
  7. Durability: The Yamaha MT 15 is highly scalable in terms of performance, thus being a heavy-duty bike. Its internal components are reliable and durable, allowing important mechanisms. To provide a safe and comfortable ride.
  8. Bike Price: The Yamaha MT 15 price varies depending on the range of variants you choose. The price ranges from 1.47 lakh and goes up. 150cc Bs6 (1.47 lakh), 150cc Special Edition Bs6 (1.48 lakh), and 150cc Monster Energy (1.5 lakh).
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Final Decision

With the launch of the Yamaha MT 15, the motorcycle company has proven itself how smart its innovation is. Yes! This Yamaha segment stands out from other bikes at the same price due to its performance, strong looks, and features. Yamaha’s legacy is back once again with the MT 15 segment that exceeds expectations to deliver a thrilling driving experience.

It is one of the best bikes of 2022 with contemporary features and advancements. If you want a monster-looking adventure bike, check out the MT 15 at Drome. The motorcycle has premium features and performance that make your driving easy, safe and comfortable.


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