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Sliding or Bypass Shower Doors?

Glass shower doors make your bathroom appear chic and larger, unlike other door types. When remodeling, installing shower doors is also a simple bathroom upgrade that improves property value. These shower doors come in different styles, most commonly sliding or bypass options.

Sliding and bypass shower doors slide along a track to open and close. The main difference between options is the number of panels moving; only one panel moves in sliding doors while two panels move in bypass doors. You should choose between sliding or bypassing shower doors, depending on your space and preference. Below are some benefits of installing both door options to help you decide.

Save on Space Using Sliding Doors

Shower doors can help open up a small bathroom space by maximizing space. Glass doors offer great partitioning between the shower area and the toilet. You may not have room to install swinging shower doors frame, so sliding saves on space.

With swinging shower doors, you must leave door swing clearance for easy entry and exit. Sliding doors save bathroom space since they do not need a clearance when opening and closing. You need more space to install bypass shower doors since both panels need to slide.

Glass doors can make a bathroom space look bigger and more attractive for guests. The shower doors also separate shower cubicles and baths. Such a functional feature can be appealing to many buyers on home resale.

Offer Your Bathroom a Chic Look

Shower doors are a practical choice for bathroom enclosures in today’s housing market. Custom glass doors offer your bathroom a unique design. Sliding doors blend in well with the rest of your bathroom tiles and other features.

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These doors allow light to flow free of obstructions to improve visibility in the bathroom. The natural light flow also enhances your bathroom décor, creating aesthetic appeal.

You can achieve a modern bathroom look with sliding shower doors. These glass doors also work well with soft lighting to offer a spa-like look and feel.

Cleaning and Maintenance Process

Cleaning doors help maintain the impressive glass aesthetic by making it look new. Unlike shower curtains, which can easily build up with mildew and mold, glass doors have a hard surface for simple cleaning.

When cleaning sliding shower doors, you use soapy water and a sponge and rinse. You can then dry the glass out using a squeegee to avoid leaving any streak marks. Ensure the products you use are bleach-free to prevent damage to the glass.

You also have to consider cleaning the track each time for proper functionality. Sliding doors have quick-release features, so you can easily lift the panels off during cleaning. After dealing with dirt and water on the tracks, you can replace the panel quickly and test if it works correctly.

Convenience When going in and Out of the Shower

Moving in and out of your shower should be easy, and sliding shower doors offer convenient access. The movement of shower doors when sliding along the track makes them easy to open and close.

Bypass shower doors are perfect for conveniently entering and leaving the shower. Both panels open, meaning you can enter or leave using either way. This also allows you to easily grab items you need, like shaving razors, without leaving the shower.

Eliminate the Need for Shower Curtains

Shower curtains, although functional, can be quite tricky to have in a house with young children. The shower curtains also develop mold and mildew when left wet over long periods. You end up with a damp-smelling bathroom which can be uncomfortable.

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It eliminate the need for a shower curtain. You can avoid water spilling out using glass shower doors without risking mildew growth.

Better Functionality

Shower doors are functional when you and your spouse have to use the bathroom simultaneously. For example, they can use the vanity while you are in the shower without worrying about water splashing on them. These doors contain the steam, heat, and water within the cubicle, allowing them comfort when using other bathroom amenities.

Another functionality feature of the sliding and bypass shower doors is the towel bars you can add to the doors. You can use these towel bars to hang your towels or hold on when bathing. This improves the functionality, allowing you better comfort when showering.

An Easy Bathroom Upgrade

When planning a bathroom remodel, most upgrades can be quite costly. Consider including glass doors in your budget. Investing in sliding doors is worth it since they offer your bathroom a fresh new look. You can opt for custom sliding shower doors to enjoy unique finishes that blend in with your home’s theme.

Install Glass Shower Doors

Comparing sliding and bypass shower doors can be complex; you should choose based on the available space. Either option will create better appeal in your bathroom when fitted properly. Consider working with glass shower door experts to enjoy custom options that fit your bathroom.


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