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Exploring Spiti valley in winters is both enchanting and dangerous. Spiti, already being one of the most desired and admired travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh becomes even more beautiful in the Winter

What not to do on a Winter trip to Spiti Valley

  1. Do not expect to travel to all popular places – During winters, most of the roads and passes are blocked due to heavy snowfall. So, if you expect to cover all places in Spiti, then you should go during the summers. Popular places like Chandratal, Pin pass, Kaza valley, etc, are closed entirely. Roads heading towards Hikkim and Komic are also closed sometimes due to excess snowfall.
  2. Markets are closed in winters – Kaza, being the most famous local market in Spiti, is closed in winters. Only a few shops may open depending on the weather conditions of the day.
  3. Water gets frozen – Because of temperature being negative almost all the time, the water freezes. It gets very difficult to get water for local use.
  4. No ATM – You won’t find a single ATM in the valley during winters, so it is preferred to keep all the cash in advance that you will need for the entire trip. You can withdraw your cash in Rampur or Shimla.
  5. Don’t expect Luxury – As almost all hotels are closed during winters in Spiti, you cannot expect luxury here. Only a few homestays are available, where you can enjoy being with locals.
  6. Phone Network – As of 2021, Jio is the main network in Spiti valley. Many places like Kaza and Tabo have a good network for jio and airtel users. But there is a low network in almost all the villages you’ll come across.
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Why you Should Visit Spiti in Winters?

Is it even worth it? If traveling to Spiti in winters has so many problems, then is

Is it even worth it? There are so many questions. Below are the reasons why one

can explore Spiti during winters.

  1. Beautiful snow-covered view – This view is not less than any heaven. Imagine yourself in a place where you’re surrounded by high hills and the meadows covered fully in snow.
  2. Experience the local life – During winters, most hotels are closed and only a few home-stays are available. It is a blessing indeed to interact with locals and stay with their unique culture. You will get to see how people living there survive in such a climate.
  3. Spiti valley and its crowd – Many people avoid traveling to Spiti in winters so there is very little tourist traffic. During winters, hotels, businesses, and markets are closed and even locals move down to lower hills. It is going to be a lot more peaceful in Spiti during these chilled months.
  4. A must for Wildlife Enthusiast – Many Himalayan species can be seen during winters. Sightseeing of species like Ibex, snow leopard, etc is possible. It is a wonderful chance to explore Himalayan species in their natural habitat.
  5. Having a lifetime adventure – Spiti during winters is difficult and harsh to travel, but it is something that you should do as it will be your most beautiful trip with many scenic beauties.
  6. Support local Economy – By promoting winter tourism in Spiti, you will support the local economy in a way.
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Recommended Tips for a Winter Trip

  1. The most important and obvious thing to do while traveling to Spiti during winters is carried winter clothes. So, before you pack your bags make sure to keep the average temperature of Spiti in mind.
  2. Chances of sunburn are very high, so keep your sunglasses and keep your skin covered.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated enough as you may get dehydrated anytime. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, keep drinking water. It reduces the chances of Acute Mountain sickness.
  4. AMS is a sickness that occurs when a person travels above 8500 feet in a short period. Dizziness, headache, nausea, breathing issues, etc are the common issues faced due to high altitude and lack of oxygen. To avoid AMS, consume high carbs, drink medicines and take AMS medicines. So, every possible thing that may happen during the journey has been discussed above to avoid any hindrance. Visit Spiti valley in winter and make a memorable trip with your loved ones.



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