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Kunti Betta is a fantastic area to get away from the helter-skelter of the city, nestled between two hills in Pandavapura. Sugarcane fields, paddy fields, and coconut palms surround this location, giving it a magnificent and enchanting appearance. The picturesque scenic views that this place has to offer will make you feel rejuvenated.

Height of the trek

 It is located at an elevation of 2882 feet. A lot of interesting-looking rocks may be found here. One of them is a crocodile face rock, which offers a bird’s eye perspective of the entire area. Some boulders resemble utensils and are said to have been used by the Pandavas to prepare meals.

Bheemana Pada

Bheemana Pada, or giant footprint-like structures, may also be seen here. With its historical significance and stunning natural beauty, Kunti Betta is a beautiful spot to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Beauty of the Kunti betta trek

Kunti Betta’s beautiful charms attract trekkers from all over the world. Bangladore’s history and culture are inextricably linked to these two rocky hills, which are bordered by farms, coconut palms, sugarcane, and other crops. Many pilgrims visit this site, and on this night walk, you will be able to complete the same 125-kilometer route.

 You will board a shared coach from your designated meet up spot in Bangalore. This will bring you to the Ramanagara campground, where you will meet your guide. The trek then begins in the middle of night, and you will arrive at Kunti Betta’s base around 2:00 a.m. The hike begins, and you must proceed with caution because the incline exceeds 60 degrees. You’ll be passing through boulders and through tunnels.

How to Get to Kunti Betta:

 By Air: 

The closest airport to Kunti Betta is Mysore Airport, which is 33 kilometres away. Rental vehicles are easily accessible from the airport and will drive you to Kunti Betta.

  By Train: 

The nearest train station to Kunti Betta is Mysore Junction Railway Station, which is around 30 kilometres away. Rental automobiles are simply accessible from the train station and will drop you off at your selected location.


 By Road: 

Kunti Betta is 130 kilometres from Bangalore and 33 kilometres from Mysore. To get to Kunti Betta, you can rent a car or drive your own car. There are no potholes on the roadways.

 Things to do:

  •       Experience the most famous and exhilarating of hiking adventures near Bangalore, the Kunti Betta dawn hike.
  •       In the town of Pandavapura, two rocky hills tower majestically, surrounded by picture-perfect beauty.
  •       Enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Pandavapura Lake, the water supply for the nearby communities.
  •       Allow Hindu mythology to shed light on the Pandavas’ brief visit to this location and their mother Kunti.
  •       After a lengthy trek, cool up with aquatic activities like swimming and kayaking experiences!
  •       Visit Kunti Kund, a lake hidden behind the rocks with a shrine at its feet.

What to carry:

  •       During the journey, bring a small bag to carry your needs.
  •       2 water bottles (1 litre each).
  •       Sunscreen and a hat.
  •       In case of rain, bring a raincoat/bag cover.
  •       At night, use a torch or a headlamp.
  •       Electronics chargers that are portable.
  •       Extra money for meals that aren’t on the agenda.

Tourist Attractions:

Kunti Kund:

Kunti Kund is a little reservoir filled with pure blue water located at the foot of the hills. The lush vegetation that surrounds the type gives it a magical appearance. You may appreciate privacy by sitting around the margins of this sort with your feet plunging in it. You can even relax your tense muscles by taking a dip in cold water.

 Temple of Kunti:

At the slopes of the hill, there is a beautiful temple that attracts a great number of visitors. People gather to worship and seek blessings at this major pilgrimage site. Before beginning your climb up the hill, pay a visit to this religious shrine.

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Parikrama Point is a vantage point that offers panoramic views of the entire area. Standing here would give you a bird’s eye perspective of the entire area. The views from here are spectacular, thanks to the varied hills, lush green trees, and the mist that envelops the whole area. Visit this location if you want to be amazed and stunned.

 Lake Thonnur:

Thonnur Lake, 10 kilometres from Kunti Betta, is a tranquil lake with chilly bubbling water. Thonnur Lake, surrounded by a variety of beautiful green trees, is an ideal area to spend some quiet and calm time. This lake’s surroundings are very beautiful, with thick green trees.

Activities to do: 


The diversified and rocky hills, with their winding roads, are ideal for hiking. Trekking will increase your adrenaline levels and provide a sense of adventure to your trip. You may hike not just during the day but also at night in Kunti Betta. The night hikes are quite intriguing and exciting. Trekking through this amazing location will allow you to explore and appreciate its natural beauty.

Going camping:

In Kunti Betta, you may also build a tent and stay in the middle of beautiful green trees and rocky hills. Camping here will make you feel like you’re in the middle of nothing. Make certain you stay in the camps. Take full advantage of the beauty of this location.

 Kunti Betta is an ideal spot for unwinding and being surrounded by nature. The lush flora and steep hills that abound in this area will charm you. You’ll enjoy a fantastic holiday surrounded by hills and forests. Take full advantage of the beauty of this location. 


Kunti Betta is named after Kunti, the mother of the five Pandavas in the Mahabharata epic. Pandavapura is thought to have remained here during their exile and named it after their mother, whom they sorely missed. 


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