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Top 5 Instagram Hacks to Sell Your Online Course

5 Instagram Hacks to Sell Your Online Course

You’ve finished your online (instagram)course after spending your time and money writing recordings, editing, and recording your material. You now have spare time in your schedule. Congrats!

Just one small aspect: You now have to advertise your business. You don’t want your effort to be wasted.

Instagram (IG) is among the well-known top platforms creators use to market their courses. What are the best strategies to drive sales? This article will guide you through the essentials of creating an automatic IG sales funnel. It will also provide five tricks you can employ to market your online courses.


Let’s start by discussing Instagram funnels

Instagram is a platform where users can interact directly with brands. Users can post comments or follow, send messages, and, in recent times, even purchase through the app. How can you interact with a multitude of users? The use of hashtags and posts is a great marketing tool to increase awareness of your course online, and it’s only the beginning.

Effective IG marketing goes beyond feed posts and Stories. click here To make the most of the platform, develop extensive automated buyer journeys within Instagram to market your digital goods.


Here’s a brief look at the typical IG funnel:


  • Instagram marketing funnel

To Review:


Top-funnel: Continue creating the same content you’re creating. Publish Stories, and posts, run Instagram Live sessions, etc. Perhaps even create IG ads to attract new clients for your business. There are various ways to increase organic IG growth strategies that you can apply to reach the very top of your funnel.

Mid-funnel: As people interact with your account, You’ll probably need assistance handling conversations with your followers. Make use of IG Automation to run these interactions. You can automate the qualification process for leads on IG Messenger and automate responses to Story mentions, reply to responses and comments, create pre-filled buttons on Instagram messages to initiate new conversations, and much more.

Bottom funnel: Now you’re not spending as much time with your majority of followers, you can focus more energy on interacting with VIP customers. Use your one-on-one chats to create top-quality leads. Close the sale immediately through live chat.

The most exciting aspect? provides automation and Live Chat features for course creators and digital entrepreneurs. You can have your funnel operational in just an hour and start selling on IG in minutes.

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Get more from your Instagram marketing efforts with Join the for IG waitlist now.


Tips for selling the course you are offering on IG

With an idea of what your Instagram funnel will be designed, let’s look at some strategies that you can use to automate the engagement process and boost sales.


  • Post Instagram Stories
  • Automated conversation within Instagram Messenger
  • Go Live
  • Run IG Ads
  • Make use of live chat
  • Post Instagram Stories

IG Stories are among the most effective methods to sell courses through Instagram. Over 500 million people watch Instagram Stories every day, and 58% report that they’ve been more interested in a company or product after viewing it on Stories. Story.

The most recent Instagram data show that more than 50% of messages originate via Instagram Stories.

The trick: Begin conversations right via Instagram Stories.

With, you can automate conversations based on keywords people message you. For instance, suppose you’re trying to advertise a lead magnet, such as an ebook. You could post a Story that reads, “DM us with the keyword ‘ebook’ to get this free download.”


Instagram keyword automation

When someone writes “ebook” in your Instagram Messages, it initiates an automatic chat with them.


Keyword automation in the course of

You can also send messages when you are mentioned in the course of a Story. With the Story Mentions Trigger by, you can fire off a message when someone tags you in their Story.


Story mention triggers

This is an excellent method for creators who wish to connect with multiple followers simultaneously but don’t want time manually responding to every person who visits their page.


Automate conversations on IG Messenger

The greater your followership, the bigger your following grows on IG, and the higher your followers’ following grows, the more posts you’ll get through Instagram Messenger. Many entrepreneurs and creators of courses struggle to keep up with the flood of messages that they receive each day.

You can use a variety of features to manage conversations and mitigate an overwhelming influx of messages.


Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters are quick responses that prompt conversations with brand new customers. It is possible to set up as many as four custom buttons predefined to be displayed when Instagram users contact your company on the first occasion.

  • conversation starters
  • Keyword Automation
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You can define specific keywords that trigger automatic actions within Instagram Messenger. If a user types in an exact keyword, the app will start an exchange.

Keyword automation can help creators in a variety of situations. For instance, you’ve got an upcoming webinar that you’ve launched a marketing campaign to encourage sign-ups. You can automate the registration process by using keyword automation in

Add the keywords people are likely to use to contact you to trigger. When someone enters “register” or “sign up,” for instance, in a chat with you via Instagram Messenger, it’ll start the process of booking.


User input

Request information from your contacts and the responses are stored within your CMS. Users can respond to you in two ways:


  • The free text is that they can write any message they like
  • Many options: They can use pre-filled responses to your questions.

Creators have a variety of ways to use these custom inputs:


  • Gather email and SMS information to conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Please find out more about the customers’ desires and their interests.
  • Create more customized campaigns using data gathered


What does this mean? You’ll experience more relevant interactions with your followers, resulting in higher prospects and more sales.


Go Live

Instagram Live is an interactive method to engage with new followers, boost engagement, and promote your courses.

Instagram has been building on its platform by adding new features like Live Rooms. Live Rooms give you the chance to take advantage of new and innovative possibilities like creating alongside other entrepreneurs creating an interview show or hosting group Q&As.


Source: Instagram

The trick is to use keyword automation in Instagram Live sessions. For instance, you’re offering an unpaid checklist at a discussion. It’s possible to tell people to send an Instagram message to you with the subject line “get the checklist,” and they’ll get it through Instagram Messenger.


Run Instagram Ads

Instagram is a fantastic platform to run ads to advertise your brand or products. It uses Facebook’s latest techniques for targeting, which means that your ads will be seen by the ideal target audience for your product or service.



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