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Top 5 Lens Brands

Wearing spectacles, whether contact lenses or color lenses, is becoming a trend these days. Most people use color lenses for decorative purposes, while others use contact lenses to correct their vision. There are various well-known brands of lenses around the world and each brand is presenting its products in its unique way. There is no doubt that choosing the best lens brand from the tones of lens brands can be a difficult task for anyone.

Top 5 Contact Lens Brands

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 lens brands that are considered reliable and the best lens brands. These include Daleys, Bella Lenses, AQU, Dehab Lenses, Anesthesia, Solutica.

Bella Lenses

The Bella Lens brand (2008) is also one of the leading brands in the optical industry, offering a variety of unique colors to give the wearer a modern and elegant look. Furthermore, these lenses are designed with the utmost care as customer satisfaction is their top priority. Each Bella lens is made using a polycarbonate material that is capable of protecting the lens from drying out and can also block more than 60% of UV rays to protect your eye lens. What is special about this brand is that their lenses give natural color to the eyes in their unique style and everyone can make them according to their lifestyle as well as fashion sense.


Dailies are considered one of the top lens brands in Pakistan as it has established its authority in the market by achieving quality standards. The lenses of this brand have been designed keeping in mind the latest technologies and using the method so that the wearer can feel comfortable in these lenses. The Daleys brand is primarily focused on manufacturing contact lenses. The 5 categories of the Delis brand include Delis Total 1 contact lenses, Delis Total 1 Multi-Focal Contact Lenses, Delis Aqua Comfort Plus Contact Lenses, Delis Aqua Comfort Plus Multi-Focal Contact Lenses, Delis Aqua Comfort Plus Torque Lens.

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Dahab Lenses

The Dahab brand is passionate about improving the quality of its products by keeping itself up to date with its manufacturing and cutting-edge technology. Therefore, Dahab lenses meet the quality standards and also match the highest quality of fashion. The Dahab brand offers both power and cosmetic lenses that can be used for everyday purposes as well as for months. However, Dahab power lenses are available from +1 to +5 and -1 to -10. The two main collections of Dahab lenses include Gold and Platinum, which are further subdivided into 3 unique texture designs and 29 different colors that will go well with everyone’s eyes.


A part of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Equivo Lens is the most popular brand that has been providing high-quality lenses for over twenty years. The main purpose of Acuvue is to make vision care better and cheaper. For example, Acuvue has developed ‘Stereo Precision’ specifically for people with presbyopia and ‘Blink stabilized’ for people with astigmatism. Acuvue offers standard lenses, regardless of the wearer’s eye care. As the brand has never given up researching and upgrading its products, it always provides its customers with the latest style lenses with a clearer vision as well as comfort.


The Brazil-based Solotica lens brand has been providing lenses with excellent texture and design since 1949. The brand offers a wide palette of amazing colors that can grab everyone’s attention. The most popular colors of Solutica lenses are considered to be quartz, Rio minima, okra, Avila, and mail. This brand of spectacles is designed to give you a natural eye color that can fit your eye shapes as well as almost any skin color. In addition, these lenses prevent dehydration and allow oxygen to pass freely through your eyes.

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