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Top Five Trekking Places Near Mumbai

Summary: The trekking experience is among the most thrilling options to enjoy within Mumbai. About Mumbai, It’s a huge city that boasts a huge population and a mix of people from different states who are here to live the vision. This is the reason why Mumbai is referred to as the city of dreams. It is said that camping and trekking are the main passions in the city. That’s why they have a lot of memories that will be a part of your trip. If you’re looking for treks close to Mumbai which will not only bring you adrenaline but also fantastic photo opportunities. Five of the most popular trekking spots will make the trekkers an unforgettable experience. They include Rajmachi Fort Trek, Lohagad Trek, Kalsubai Trek, Andharban Trek, Visapur Fort Trek, and many more. There are many places to trek in Mumbai but these are the most popular locations to walk.

Rajmachi Fort Trek

Rajmachi Fort Trek is an ideal hiking trail in Mumbai located within the State of Maharashtra, India. The path won’t pose any dangers however, remember to keep and stay hydrated. The journeys in the evening towards the Palace are a highly successful trek since the route is easy and unaffected by any deviations. With a torchlight on your back to guide you, you’ll be ready to conquer the climb quickly. The total distance you’ll cover is around 15 kilometers. The Trek is easy to climb and therefore all beginner trekkers can complete it. The ideal time to do it is in the monsoon when the weather is more dramatic and can make your experience memorable.

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Lohagad Trek

Lohagad Trek is important and it is a must to explore the trekking trails in Mumbai located in Maharashtra, India. Lohagad Fort trek is one of the best options for treks in Mumbai and attracts a lot of fans from all over the world to overcome the difficult route that takes us to the top. The palace is accessible from the base town. It is possible to reach the main town via cab, bus or by walking. This day-long journey to Mumbai as well as evening travel is essential for anyone interested in the ultimate journey in this area. The most ideal time to trek in Monsoon. The total distance that the trek will cover is approximately 95 km. It’s a moderately strenuous trek. This can be a challenge for beginners.

Kalsubai Trek

Kalsubai trek is an excellent instance of a thrilling hiking trip. Adventure seekers are likely to choose the trails which are straightforward, yet stunning. Climb Kalsubai appears to be the highest point in Maharashtra and is widely regarded as one of the top locations for trekking close to Mumbai. The best time to go on a trek is during monsoon time. The weather is pleasant and pleasant for hiking. The total distance that the trekker can cover in the journey will be around 8 kilometers. It is a simple hike, so you can bring your entire group of trekkers who are beginners to join you.

Andharban Trek

Andharban trek is an amusing trekking trail for local tourists. Andharban trek is among the most unusual treks in Sahyadri in which the starting and ending points are different. The green hills of the western ghats and Sahyadris create a vast trekking route through the wilds and up to the top, creating amazing impressions of the region that is blessed by monsoon. Andharban forests will leave you unable to remember your heartbeat by offering a grand view of lush cliffs and sparkling streams. It is a walk through the wild, and then climb up the downslope for a bit and then be ready to witness the stunning view.

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Visapur Fort Trek

Visapur Fort Trek is a stunning and ideal trekking point. There are many attractions to visit, but the Hanuman statue and its carvings have stunning significance and are considered to be a must-see spot. Additionally, during monsoons, the trek routes take on an extremely effective pledge to provide you with indestructible images across the entire direction. It is among the best locations for trekking close to Mumbai. The ideal time to undertake the trek would be during the monsoon season. A hiker will cover 120 km roughly.


These are among the most promising and best trekking routes in Mumbai. That can be done without difficulty. While some trekking routes are moderate in difficulty, it’s worth it. The best and most appropriate time to trek in Mumbai is known as the monsoon season. It is essential to keep your physical and mental well before and following the hike. As these are the most popular treks in Mumbai, of Mumbai make sure you don’t be a nuisance as the place is well-maintained. These are the most popular trekking spots in Mumbai that will never let you down in your trek.




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