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Ukraine, Russia Conflict: Can Putin Use Nuclear Weapons?

First I have to make a confession. Many times I thought, ‘Putin will never do that.’ But then he proved me wrong.

They will never occupy Crimea. But they did.
They will never start a war in Dundas. But Putin started the war.
Putin cannot invade Ukraine regularly, he said.

I have now come to the conclusion that the phrase this can never happen does not apply to Vladimir Putin.
And the result raises a difficult question: Will Putin ever take the initiative to push the nuclear button?

This is not a hypothetical question. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin last night ordered his country’s nuclear forces to remain alert. He attributed the decision to aggressive statements made by NATO leaders.

Listen carefully to Putin’s recent statements. Last Thursday, when he announced on TV the launch of a special military operation that was in fact a regular attack on Ukraine, he also issued a warning: If anyone thinks of interfering in this matter from outside. Let him know that if this is done, he will have to suffer consequences that are unprecedented in history.
Nobel laureate Dmitry Moratov is the editor-in-chief of the Novaya Gazeta newspaper. Putin’s words are a direct threat to nuclear war he said.

In that speech, Putin was trying to be seen as the master of the world, not just of the Kremlin. Putin turns his hand on the nuclear button, just as someone turns the key of his new car on his fingers and displays it.

Putin has said many times that if Russia is not left, then what is the need for the rest of the world? But no one paid attention. But the threat is that if Russia does not do what it wants, then everything will be ruined.

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In a 2018 documentary, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, If anyone decides to occupy Russia, we have a legal right to respond. Doing so would be disastrous for humanity and the world, but I am a Russian citizen and head of state. Why do we need a world without Russia?

Now come quickly in the year 2022. Putin has launched a war against Ukraine, but contrary to Russia’s expectations, Ukrainian forces are putting up strong resistance, while Western nations are uniting to impose economic and financial sanctions on Moscow. Putin’s system is in jeopardy.

Paul Felgen Hower is a defense analyst in Moscow. Putin is in trouble at the moment, he said.

If the West freezes Russia’s central bank assets, Russia’s financial system will be paralyzed, so Putin will have no choice, he said. Then the system will not work.
One way Putin has to cut off Europe’s gas supplies is to hope that it will force European countries to retreat. Another way is to drop a nuclear bomb somewhere in the North Sea between Britain and Denmark.

If Vladimir Putin really chooses the nuclear option, will anyone close to him try to stop him?
Russia’s political elite is never with the people, they are always with the ruler, says Dmitry Moratov. And Vladimir Putin’s ruler in Russia is very powerful. This is a country where the Kremlin can do whatever it wants because there is no one to stop it.
No one in Russia is ready to stand up to Putin, said Paul Felgenhauer. We are at a critical juncture.
The war in Ukraine is the war of Vladimir Putin If the Kremlin achieves its war goals, then the future of Ukraine’s sovereignty will be called into question.

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On the other hand, if Putin has to bear the brunt of the damage and appears to be failing, then he is afraid of doing something else.

Especially when ‘this can never happen’ may not even apply.


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