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Unique Name Alif Laila – Story

There was a queen who lived in a country. She was very fond of looking unique. She wanted to have a distinct name. Her name was Koh-i-Noor. Angered, she told the king that she wanted to change her name
When the king heard this, he was astonished and said to the queen, “This is not a good thing. Does anyone change his name like this? The Diwan-e-Khaas was called and the queen’s name was changed.

Alif Laila

From now on my name will be Alif Laila and no one will keep this name anymore. Everyone was surprised to know the strange and strange desire of the queen but who could deny the queen but they could do nothing but obey her so the queen The name of Queen Koh-i-Noor became Alif Laila. She was very satisfied with her unique name.
She will soon become famous because of her name, so it was announced everywhere that Alif Laila is the name of the queen. She used to explain a lot but the queen was not one of those who understood. Gradually the days went by. Everywhere the queen became famous due to her change of name.
But the queen became famous because of her unique name. The queen was also very angry. If she got angry, she would raise a storm over a small matter. Is there anyone who can feed this hungry person in the name of God? It was time for the queen to rest. The window of her room was open outside the palace. He woke up with a jolt and opened the window. A hungry beggar sitting on the ground in front of him was crying.
He was very hungry because of which he was exhausted. The queen said, “Do you understand whose comfort you are disturbing? I am the queen of this country. You have disturbed my comfort. Now I will crucify you.” I don’t know why the queen got so angry that she was ready to crucify him. The king was out of the country and no one dared to stop the queen. He looked up at the sky and said … O king of kings, as this cruel queen has done to me, let her be cleansed from the world. Saying this, he was crucified in silence. The queen said with great pride: Not every eye was on the cruelty of the queen.

It is said that time does not remain the same, this is one hundred percent true and the sigh that comes out of the heart of the oppressed will surely shake the Throne.

This is how the king died. The queen was left alone. The responsibility of the kingdom fell on her shoulders. The princes were still very young. The people did not support the queen when they saw her bad condition because she also used to treat them badly. The two princes were poisoned by the minister and killed. The Queen when she saw her children dying. So she went crazy and left the palace
This is what the minister wanted and he took over the kingdom. The richness and pride of the queen of the kingdom were all reduced to dust. There was no food. After walking many miles, he felt hungry and thirsty. Just as this poor man had. Queen Alif Laila was standing in a village at that time. It was evening time. Were
The queen knocked on the door of a house. The voice of a woman came from inside. Who is the queen? The door did not open. The queen kept crying. I am hungry. Forgive me. But the door did not open. Then she opened several doors. The bewildered queen said, “What shall I do now, my God?” I can’t even apologize to this poor man. I wish he would be alive once and I apologize to him. He cried a lot but there is a time for forgiveness and how to forgive after death. So we can’t even apologize to him.

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Then Alif Laila cried all night but to no avail. She was so hungry and thirsty that she could not even get up from it. She rolled to one side. He is sitting in front as if he had been crucified and the queen is apologizing to him Go and do what he says and obey him, then the kingdom will be found again. Saying this, the poor man disappeared and the queen’s eye was opened.
Her heart was pounding. Now she had to go to Baghdad, but she did not have the courage to take a step inside and was not ready to give him any food. Everyone knew that she was Queen Alif Laila. She became very upset and then the thought came to her mind and she filled her hands with mud and put it on her face so that no one could recognize her. He thought and knocked on the door in the name of God. An old man came to the door and said, “Who are you?” The queen said, “I am a hungry traveler.” The old man took pity on him and said, “Come, Queen Alif Laila, I will surely feed you.”
What is it? Putting mud on the face does not change the face. The old man said sarcastically. Saying thank you, Baba Ji, I have come to my senses and my pride has been broken. Now I am going for a good deed. Pray for me. I will never forget this favor of yours which you fed me today. Help you No, it was my duty. Now you go and I pray that you succeed.
Because the minister’s intentions do not seem right, he is ready to drown the kingdom. You should come back soon and save the poor people from its torment. After saying this, the queen left. The people of the village were looking at the queen with disgusted eyes. It is very sad to see. Now he had to make amends for all his sins. By giving a peaceful life to the poor people and saving them from the wrath of the minister, Malik will leave for Baghdad with a firm determination in his heart. Now his heart was pure, his arrogance was gone.

Alif Laila in Baghdad

When Alif Laila started her journey to Baghdad, a storm of difficulties arose. It was a difficult journey for a delicate woman who had never drunk plow water, but she did not give up and continued her journey. The situation is to make amends for her sins. I am very sinful. When she thought this, her heart would be satisfied. The black canopy is gone, it has sucked my blood. What should I do now? Alif Laila was standing thinking that a white dove came down to her and spoke.

O Alif Laila, do not enter this forest or you will die. These bats will cling to you and drink your blood. Go back but Laila did not pay attention to her words The bats got stuck. The more the queen threw away, the more she would come. My God, help me, otherwise, you will suck my blood. She was praying that suddenly the day came in the forest. The bats immediately moved away and disappeared. Maybe it came here in the evening and stayed up all night. Queen Alif Laila gave thanks and continued the rest of the journey. She was badly injured. She was in great pain.
There was a clear stream flowing in front of her. The queen drank water from the river, washed her hands and mouth, and lay down in the shade of a tree on the bank of the river. Her body was covered with sores. It was getting late in the evening. She had been asleep for a long time. Now she had to go on a journey. Malik reached Baghdad. Now he had to look for the old man mentioned by Faqir in his dream. The queen was getting very tired due to travel and hunger.

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At last, the queen came to the poor man, and then he told the poor man the whole story of how he dealt with the poor man in return for which everything was taken away from him. The queen said after listening to the words of the poor, but how can I serve the poor and where to live? Faqir said there is a small orphanage in which there are 25 orphans. They will all pray for you, so remember to go back to your country on that day, remember to pray only on the day you go there, when you go there, you will get everything as before, that minister will die, then you will take over the system of the kingdom The queen shook her head when she heard the poor man’s words: Okay, Baba, I have to do this now, so the queen asked the poor man for the address of the orphanage, and he went from there to serve them wholeheartedly. That’s what she wanted.

The queen used to serve these children very much. She could see her two princes in the innocent faces of these children. One child was very small and sweet. He was five years old. The baby’s name was “Ehsan”. The queen thought that she would make him her son. After that, she would see the same system of the kingdom. Days went by. Together they prayed to the queen to return to the country. The queen was not happy. She loved all the children and came to the poor man with Ehsan. I want to take this child with me. He will inherit the kingdom after me. I will make him a good man. Well, Queen Alif Laila, I am very happy to know your wish. Go, God will always be your helper. Amen Faqir said goodbye to Queen Alif Laila and she left for her country with kindness.
When the queen returned to her country, the minister was really sick and was mentioning it with hatred. The queen apologized to all of them and assured them that she would not oppress anyone anymore. He lied that Ehsan is not an orphan, he is the son of the queen who was younger than the two princes, no one could know the truth and everyone considered this child a prince. After this, no problem arose. The prince began to receive good training under his shadow. The queen did not leave any kind of cesarean in his training. She used to sing her guns because she had changed a lot.


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