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VR Treadmills Can Put You In The Middle Of The Action

Your next trip to virtual reality (VR) can make your heart beat faster due to the growing number of real-life treadmills.

Kat VR plans to launch a gaming treadmill that works with VR headsets. The company says the device will provide 360 ​​° VR animation from a single location in your home.

The omnidirectional treadmill is directed at your body, so while you are running. they do statistics to make sure you don’t run away (there are also safety harnesses, said Jake Mayor. the organization’s vice president. new VR company Glimpse Group told Lifewire in an email interview. You can navigate by hand-tracking or with one-hand control and basically explore endless space in VR. It transcends normal room boundaries.

It’s not going anywhere Immediately

Kat VR launches its Kat Walk C on Kickstarter as an upgrade to its first Kat Walk VR machine launched in 2015 and KAT Walk C, launched on Kickstarter in 2020. The company says it reached its first goal of earning money in the first five minutes. was launched and has already raised an estimated $ 1 million.

The new Kat Walk C2 allows you to walk in a low-impact environment while wearing special slippery shoes. The company says the C2 allows users to run, jump, crawl, tilt, and lean forward. The new model is said to have improved foot tracking and improved footwear.

Although Kat says the Walk C will cost about $ 1,000, some home VR treadmills are released several times at that price. For example, Virtuix Omni One, intended for gaming, will cost about $ 2,000 on sale.

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“With Omni One, your home becomes a site of new worlds and sporting events more than ever before,” said Jan Goetgeluk, CEO of Virtuix, in a press release. “For the first time, you are no longer restricted to the limited space in your home. You can roam endlessly in a seemingly stable world as you would in real life, using your whole body.”

The interest in VR treadmills is part of the practice of adding haptics to visual information, the Mayor said. For example, the Tesla Suit has full-body haptics that can mimic many emotions.

With an omnidirectional treadmill, you can explore the endless world, and you can feel the wind the particles hitting your face, and the hand on your shoulder the mayor said. With haptic illusion, you can mimic the feeling of wood or metal, and you can mimic how wet it feels. The next border is the sense of smell.

Not Just for Fun

The mayor said VR on treadmills could be used for entertainment or exercise as well as physical therapy. One of the biggest barriers to physical therapy is finding patients to overcome their perception of what is happening and what is not. VR can be critical in overcoming that trap, he added.

Studies have shown that patients with Parkinson’s can regain enough control of their vehicles to paint while using VR, although their hands may be too weak to paint in the real world, the mayor pointed out.

Regular exercise on the treadmill can be incredibly tedious, especially for physical therapy purposes,” said the mayor. But with a VR press, you can run on the field and play a game. Your mind can focus on a more enjoyable VR experience than running on a printing press, and it gives you a chance to go further than you would normally go.

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For home users, Maymar predicted that VR treadmills similar to the Kat model would find it more compact and safer. But in the future, he said, we will also see omnidirectional treadmills that mimic the surface, like a hiking trail filled with rocks and landscapes.

“They will have an unpleasant response – as things explode around you, there will be thunder in your person and on the floor,” the mayor said. “You’ll also be able to move abnormally fast, like backflips.

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