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What is .ru Domains and Where to Buy it at a Cheap Price

These domains are perfect choices if you target the Russians Audience.

Day by day the trend of online is rapidly increasing. All we are dependent on the technology. For this those business entrepreneur running an offline business faces a problem because the online users find more option at a discount. So at this time is moving through an offline business. 

In the online business other country users also buy your product or services. So if you create your online presence in the Digital world firstly you create your website. For a website, a domain name is required. with the Domain name users know your website. 

A Domain Name gives a basic idea of the kind of products or services your website offers. There are many types of domains but here in the post, we will discuss .ru Domain. 

.ru extension is the type of country code top-level domain. It was introduced on 7 April as a .ru Domains. These domains are perfect choices if you target the Russians Audience. 

With this domain, your website has many benefits, and these benefits we discuss in the next portion of the article. Let’s discuss in detail Domain .ru. 

What is .ru Domains 

We already discussed that .ru is the official domain of russia. .ru Extension Domain Name is short, simple, memorable, and professional. In the search engine, Russian internet users want to see websites that are registered .ru Domain country. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Russian native, a small business owner, an engineer, a designer, or if you just like to surf the web.

With the .ru extension in the local search engine results pages, there are high chances that your websites appear in the top results. 

Present your commitment to the Russian culture and provide the best online experience in Russia when you buy Domain .ru. 

Information Regarding .ru Domains 

  • .ru Address Length             –    2 – 63 character
  •  .ru Register Duration         –     1 – 1 year
  •  .ru Name Server Count     –     2 – 13 number
  • .ru IDN Support                  –      No
  • .ru Transfer                        –       Yes
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Who can Register a Russian Domain Name

In order to register a,, or domain, a company or organization located in Russia must provide its tax identification number (10 digits), and its company registration number (9 digits), and its name.

A domain must involve a passport number, Date, location birth Date. 

To earn a profit a registrant cannot have the authority to sell or transfer a domain to a third party. 

Why Choose a Russian Domain Extension For Russia Based Website

You may want to establish your online presence in Russia, so Buy Domain .ru. There is plenty of reasons why .ru extension is best for Russian Based websites. Here are some reasons:- 

  1.  With the .ru Domains, you can create a solid Digital Presence in Russia. Due to its popularity in Europe, it makes your business or brand stand out.
  2. With the .ru Extension your website creates trust in the heart of the Russian people.
  3. Most of the time Russian people buy a product or service from that website that is registered with .ru Domain Name. 
  4. In the local search engine results pages, there are high chances that your websites rank higher if you are registered your websites with the .ru extension. 
  5. Using the .ru Extension domain reduces your expenses. To get quality leads, you don’t have to rely on paid SEO campaigns. Search engines can index your website organically if the .ru ccTLD is SEO compatible.

How to Transfer a .ru Domains

There is a semi-automated transfer process for .ru Domains. Follow the Following Steps to transfer the .ru Extension into your account. 

  • Start the transfer in your account using the API or the relevant function in the Control Panel.
  • Registrants must log in using their NIC-D handle and password to access the .ru web interface. 
  • Please click “Form > Change partner” once logged in. To add the domain to our registrar portfolio, enter our NIC-REG handle: 15505/NIC-REG.
  • Immediately after the transfer is initiated in the.RU interface, you will receive the funds in your account.
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Register Your Websites With Hostbillo’s .ru Domain at a Cheap Price 

Hostbillo is a trusted and reputed Domain Provider in Russia. In the market thar are many Domain providers but the best provider is who that gives the many features and benefits with its .ru Domains Extension. And Hostbillo is one of them. They give many benefits at the time of Register a .ru Extension Domain such as:- 

  • Personalized Domain Name
  • DNS Administration
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Protection Against Domain Theft
  • The highest uptime is 99.90%
  • Plans that are adaptable and dependable. 

The main reason why Hostbillo is the best of all the Domain Providers is that thay give 24*7 Instant Technical support. If you face any technical problem then you can easily contact Hostbillo’s Highly Responsive Technical Team to solve the Issue. In the registration process, there is no involvement of any technical Step. The process of Registering Extension is simple.


For a Russian-based website, .ru extension is the best choice to register. .ru is a simple, memorable, and professional Domain name. If you choose that Domain that is not memorable and easy to pronounce then users is a high chance that users cannot remember your website. 

There are some requirements that you follow at the time to register a .ru Extension for your website. 


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