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What is the latest situation in Ukraine?

  • Russian troops have entered Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, and fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops continues on city streets. Local officials in the northeastern city say Russian vehicles broke through the barricades and entered the center. Authorities have appealed to citizens to stay in shelters.
  • Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has turned down the latest offer of talks with Russia, saying talks could have taken place in Minsk if Russia had not invaded Ukraine from Belarusian territory. He says he is ready for further talks with Russia, but not in Belarus because Russia is using the country to invade Ukraine.
  • This morning, Zelensky announced that Ukraine was forming an “international” army of foreign volunteers seeking to join the army, who would fight against Russian forces.
  • Russia’s latest defense intelligence report states that Russia continues to advance on Ukraine in many ways but faces “severe resistance” from the Ukrainian military.
  • A video posted on social media shows locals climbing on a convoy of Russian tanks and blocking it. The video is believed to have been made in Chernobyl.
  • Finland and Ireland are closing their airspace for all flights from Russia. The United Kingdom and the majority of the European Union have done the same.

Ukraine claims to have killed 4,300 Russian soldiers so far

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar has released a list of casualties inflicted on Russia by the country’s armed forces in a Facebook post.

The BBC has not been able to confirm the claims and Russia has not yet commented on the deaths.

Damage to Russian troops from Ukraine:

4300 deaths
27 planes
26 helicopters
146 tanks
706 armored vehicles
49 cannons
A book air defense system
Four different types of rocket launching systems
30 vehicles
60 tankers
Two drones
Two boats


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Fear of crowd in banks

Russia’s central bank appeals to citizens to remain calm

Russia’s central bank fears that in the wake of the new financial sanctions, people could turn to large numbers of banks to withdraw money.

He appealed to the citizens to remain calm.

A statement issued by the bank said: “The Bank of Russia has all the necessary resources to maintain financial stability and ensure the operational continuity of the financial sector.”

The European Union, the United States, and its allies have decided to exclude some Russian banks from the international payment system Swift in response to the Ukraine war.

Russia has been taking action against Russia on a daily basis since the NATO invasion of Ukraine, including a decision to freeze Russia’s central bank assets so that Russia can access international financial reserves Couldn’t access.

These measures are considered to be the toughest against Russia so far.


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