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Why are Trees so Important and Benefits

Trees are very important for our life. We should plant as many trees as possible. Why we get fast and clean air from trees. Trees clean the air. Trees save us from many accidents. They protect us from the rains. We should plant as many trees as possible. The city is developing as fast as it can. There is a commotion everywhere. Everyone is in a hurry to get ahead of each other. Everywhere there is smoke from cars. Smoke from dirty chemicals coming out of factories reduce oxygen which makes it very difficult for us to breathe. Save us and provide us with clean air. But it is a great pity that we are being deprived of such a great blessing from ALLAH. These big builders are busy making their own big projects by cutting down these trees. And the trees in the country are getting less and less fast. This is the reason why we are forced to create an artificial forest. We have to save our city. No, we have to save these trees. We have to plant as many trees as possible outside our house.
Planting trees is a charity. By the way, there are many trees that we have been using for centuries, like a few.

Neem Tree Benefits

Neem is one of the natural treasures. Neem has been used as a remedy in many diseases. For centuries, sages have made it a special part of their treatises. Hemorrhoids are healed by making a paste of neem leaves and keeping the wounds sterile. Winning half is bitter, its benefits are just as sweet. From the semi-root to its nectar, its branches, its trunk all have a magical effect. Miswak is also made from neem stem. Neem is a very shady tree. Boiling neem leaves in water and taking a bath can prevent many skin diseases. When children get measles, it has been observed that Grandmothers have been using only neem leaves. The children lie down on neem leaves. At home, one or two of its large branches take its legs and bathe in its water.
Neem ALLAH Almighty is a great gift for us.

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Papaya Tree Benefits

Just as it completely eliminates cholesterol, digestive system, weight loss, and all stomach ailments, ALLAH has placed many benefits in papaya. It is no less than a blessing for diabetics. We also use papaya to digest meat. And most of all, if you have dengue, malaria, or chickenpox, then in all these cases, ALLAH has healed the papaya leaves. The juice of its leaves, white cells grows very fast and eliminates all these dangerous diseases.

Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe vera is a very sweet gift from ALLAH Almighty. ALLAH has placed many virtues in this plant. Elvira is used in many things. We also use it in foods and herbs. Gel has a very magical effect on our hair and ALLAH has hidden many virtues in this little plant.
How merciful ALLAH is to us that we get cold and hot fruits and vegetables in our own country while there are some countries which do not have this facility. We send fruits and vegetables from our country there. It is because of the trees that we get more and more fruit trees and plants. And it is also a great hobby. When we plant flowers in our garden, our heart is aroused and we spend most of our time. It is a good habit to take care of them.

Mango Tree Benefits

Just as mango is the king of flowers, so also its tree became the king of trees. From this tree we get such sweet fruit, there is hardly anyone who does not like mango. It is an annual fruit. It gives a lot of energy to our bodies. Mango makes a lot of juices and people make a variety of sweet dishes. Mango is a solid fruit that has a lot of energy in it. That when we take good care of this tree financially, it is only after taking care of this king with such splendor that we get it after a long time and we enjoy eating it.

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Apple Tree Benefits

Apple is an iron-rich fruit that has a lot of energy in it. A person suffering from the dengue virus has a lot of benefits by mixing apple juice with papaya leaves. Apple juice helps in iron deficiency in the body. Apple cider vinegar is very useful for weight loss. Eating mouthwash in the morning gives a lot of radiance to the face.

Banana Tree Benefits

The banana tree is also very beneficial and its fruit i.e. banana also possesses many virtues. The leaves of bananas are very big. And while Hindus eat by placing food in its leaves. These are the virtues of this tree. And banana has many benefits. Banana is a fruit rich in protein and calcium. We use it. Motion is stopped by eating two bananas at the same time in motion. Making weak children a banana country shake improves their health. Applying banana paste on curly hair They become straight and shiny.

Orange Tree Benefits

Orange is also seasonal fruit and Orange contains a lot of mains and vitamins. In summer, Orange juice proves to be very energetic which immediately eliminates dehydration in the body. Orange peels are also very useful. They are used in many beauty tips. This fruit is very beneficial.

Chico Tree Benefits

Chico is a fruit rich in iron. Chico and banana juice are very beneficial. It boosts the weakness in the body immediately and energy comes into the body immediately. All these blessings of ALLAH we get from these trees. So we have to take care of these trees. With our little attention, these trees also give us shade. They also save us from accidents. They also provide us with a clean climate. They also bear fruit so we should plant as many trees as possible.


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