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Why Streaming Sports is Growing in Demand


Television broadcasts of traditional sports are experiencing some difficulties.

This void has been filled by over-the-top (OTT) streaming, which has delivered compelling results. Compared to the previous year, Even the Super Bowl had an increase of 67% in streaming viewership.

The recent Brightcove Virtual Panel Discussion, “Changing The Game: Why Sports Streaming Is On The Rise,” explored the ways in which OTT is impacting the sports industry and how teams and organizations are taking advantage of its advantages.

Among the panelists for this discussion were:

  • Kassidi Gilgenast, USA Volleyball’s Chief Marketing Officer
  • Kris Knief, Director of Business Intelligence at Black Knight Sports & Entertainment Amanda Weiner
  • Senior Director of Digital Media & Ticketing, United States Golf Association.

We have outlined some highlights of why streaming sports is growing in demand.

Connecting With People Wherever They Are:

With the world moving beyond traditional forms of viewing, teams, leagues, and organizations are leveraging OTT to remain relevant and accessible to their audiences.

  • Approximately 66% of all video views originate from mobile devices, providing OTT..
  • The availability of OTT content on smart TVs allows viewers to enjoy big-screen viewing, while gaming consoles enable younger demographics to engage with content through streaming.
  • One of the reasons for people switching to OTT sports content is the rapid rise of free┬ástreaming sports sites, and these are proving to be the final nail in the coffin for cable television.
  • Furthermore, social media channels can include links to events and OTT content, creating an immediate connection between followers and content.
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Streaming Sport is so Much More Than a Game

The majority of games are completed within a short period of time. However, OTT extends the fan experience, providing content that keeps eager fans intrigued.

  • Having content available before, during, and after a game gives fans a greater opportunity to stay connected to their favorite athletes and teams.
  • As a result, users are able to tune in between games and even seasons to watch shoulder content, such as athlete interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, analysis, and pre-recorded extras.
  • With the advent of OTT, teams and organizations can create original content in a whole new way.
  • Archival footage, for instance, maybe updated and re-formatted so that it appeals to a new audience.

Easily Accessible To Audiences:

A scalable OTT solution is essential since the number of viewers fluctuates at various points during a match or game.

In addition, there can never be any room for error or downtime, especially during high-profile playoffs and championships.

  • Some athletes have a larger fan base than others. Stream traffic spikes whenever an A-list athlete appears on camera, and the surge in viewership must be managed.
  • Additionally, with so many sporting events taking place outdoors, the variable nature of the weather only serves to emphasize the importance of reliable streaming.
  • The location of many events, such as golf tournaments, varies from year to year, thus highlighting the importance of a consistent OTT solution that can adapt to these variances.

Here are a Few Advantages of Streaming Sport Rather Than Television

  • Apps and websites offer users access to a wide selection of games that would otherwise be unavailable to them.
  • On the other hand, live streaming allows you to view games that are not broadcast locally on television.
  • As long as your computer or mobile device is connected to the Internet, you can watch the game in real-time.
  • It is possible to watch an English Premier League game for free on the Internet without spending any money. When you stream the game online, you will be able to watch it at no cost and without any restrictions.
  • It is quite simple to stream a sporting event, and you do not have to be a computer expert to do it properly.
  • It does not matter whether this is your first time using a computer or the internet because it is always a learning process.
  • Obtaining websites that provide sports games can be as simple as clicking on the links to find streamlined sports websites.
  • Internet live streaming ensures that you will not miss a second of the action, thanks to the excitement happening on the field. As the game is being broadcast in real-time, there is no need to worry about missing a single moment.
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To Sum It Up

Sport is hugely popular around the world – there is no doubt about that. If you are a true sports enthusiast, it might be costly to subscribe to every service and purchase every application.

However, we are still in the very early stages of digital transmission of live video content.


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