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Camping in Coorg Must visit destination


Coorg is one of the most famous hill stations which is located on the western edge of the Western Ghats. It has earned itself so many rightful titles such  as “Adventure Capital of Karnataka” or “the Switzerland of India” or “Scotland of India” , because of the views and the beauty it offers. 

Coorg is renowned for its impeccably well-maintained rich coffee estates ,breathtaking views of the hilltop and adventure sports that draw visitors from all over the world.In addition to being scenic charms ,the towns of Coorg situated among majestic hills, have a comfortable way of life that will feel like time has slowed down. The varied topography of mountains, coffee plantations, thick forests and rivers makes camping in Coorg an unforgettable experience.

Coorg is such an enticing place  to escape from Bangalore just to unwind and relax for a weekend trip. And if you are here for a weekend, you can take a ton back with you. Camping in Coorg leaves many memories in your mind that it might be a mistake not to carry a camera.

Suitability to visit Coorg on the basis of temperature

Since Coorg is a hill station, the average temperature throughout the year is about 20-30 degrees. Whenever you want, you can visit this place. 


In this season, which runs from October to February, the temperature is 20 degrees. You’ll enjoy camping this time, as the place is more welcoming. Apart from the seasons, you can walk, trek and do other adventure activities here. So, the best time to go is between February and October.

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This is when you will go camping in temperatures ranging from the late twenties to the early thirties, but it may be a little unpleasant.

However, the call is upon you to do it in summer or winter but not in the monsoon times. When monsoons arrive, the whole place is at another level. But it can have several landslides and very heavy rainfall and camping here becomes very risky in this season. Thus, camping in Coorg is not suggested in monsoon.

Why is Coorg a must visit destination?


Over the last few years,camping in Coorg has become popular with a lot of campsites available to choose from. In fact, you don’t have to worry about what to do in Coorg with a camping trip as it offers a ton of experience to take back. You can just pick, book, and relax in your tent with a cup of coffee during the day and count the stars at night.Therefore, nothing will be as better than camping here in Coorg to spend quality time with your partner because it takes you to a different world of iconic beauty under a vast blanket of gleaming stars. 

Apart from the Coorg adventure camping, you can experience the true bliss of nature as it offers a lot of adventures and great sporting activities. Such as:

Trekking and Hiking

Trekking and hiking in Coorg will purely satisfy your soul if you are looking forward to some thrill and adventure. Here, you will feel the thrill while trekking and hiking amidst the lush greenery and rough terrains of Coorg along with the panoramic view of the city from the top of the hill. 

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Rock Climbing

If you are looking for a pure essence of thrill and adventure, all you need to do is climb up the rocky cliffs of Coorg. The popular sites where you can go for rock climbing are:  Honnamana Kere, Gavi Betta and Mori Betta

River Rafting, Kayaking & Canoeing

If you want to indulge in any adrenaline-pumping water sport activity in Coorg then river rafting is one amongst the must do things. You can raft amidst the roaring currents of chilly waters and get the best out of it.

Coorg is a paradise for Kayaking and Canoeing as it has several waterfalls and rivers. All you need to do is to  grab the paddles and set out in a Kayak to explore the eye catching beauty of the city.

Heritage Tour

Apart from rivers, mountains and waterfalls, Coorg takes you through many historical forts and palaces such as Madikeri Fort and Gaddige Raja’s Tomb.

Bird Watching

Coorg is one of the best destinations if you want to explore exotic and unseen species of endangered birds. Birding enthusiasts must take on this opportunity.

Plantation Walk

What makes plantation walks a must in Coorg is the scenic beauty of the landscape all around. You can go for soft trekking across the vast expanse of coffee plantations and can sniff the mesmerizing aroma. 


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