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iPhone’s Decision to Introduce Important Security Features for Users Soon

California: Technology giant Apple is going to release its most important update ever to deal with the ‘quantum apocalypse’.

According to the company that owns the iPhone, the new iMessage update will protect messages after the arrival of quantum computing.

Currently messaging platforms use classical cryptography to secure their messages which ensures that the text can only be read by the sender and recipient of the message. This method is effective because it is based on difficult mathematical problems that cannot be solved by ordinary computers.

In the foreseeable future, quantum computers could arise, potentially cracking unsolvable math issues, leading to unencrypted messages.
Labeled the ‘quantum apocalypse’ by experts, this trend prompts both excitement and concern as quantum computing advances in various sectors, urging researchers to address its risks.

It should be noted that quantum computing is a new way of computing that uses the fundamental principles of physics to solve extremely complex problems.

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