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North Korea’s Arms Factories are Working Full Force for Russia: South Korea

Seoul: South Korea has claimed that North Korea’s arms manufacturing factories are working with full force to make weapons for Russia.

According to foreign media, South Korea’s Defense Minister Shin Won-suk claimed in a statement that North Korea’s arms factories are producing a large number of weapons and shells that are destined for Russia.

He said that the weapons and military equipment produced by North Korea include millions of shells which are being sent to Russia in exchange for food and other necessities.

The defense minister said that North Korea’s arms manufacturing factories which are not working for Russia are working only up to 30% due to lack of raw materials and electricity, but the factories making arms and ammunition for Russia are working at their full strength. Working from

South Korea’s Ministry of Defense says that since August, North Korea has sent 6,700 containers to Russia, which can contain more than three million 152mm artillery shells and more than 500,000 122mm rocket launchers.

According to the Ministry of Defense of South Korea, ammunition and food items are being exchanged between Russia and North Korea, after which the food supply situation in North Korea seems to be improving.

On the other hand, a sheet was also released by the US State Department, which states that North Korea has sent more than 10,000 containers containing weapons and military equipment to Russia since September.

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