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Mistakes Need to be Avoided in Writing an Essay?

Preparing for examinations and writing essays are indispensable for any academic journey. Professors usually give essays to the students to check their writing skills and knowledge. Right from college entrance to homework, students are needed to write an essay on varied topics. However, most of the students get stressed because of the strict guidelines of the essay. Therefore, some prefer choosing Essay Help while others choose to compose the essay all by them.

While writing essays, students make many mistakes that result in marks deduction. So, here are the mistakes that you should always avoid in your essay-

Neglecting to research about the topic

The essay can be only written creatively if you’ve enough information and relevant details. Sometimes, course books are not enough to compose the essay and to mention all the details. But, most of the time, students neglect this important research step because of time constraints.

If students don’t do proper research, then you won’t get an idea about what to mention in the essay. Also, there will be a lack of new ideas for writing an impressive essay. What to do to avoid this usual mistake that students make?

How to avoid this mistake?

  • Research about the topic from the open library, study materials, and books
  • Get relevant information from the internet.
  • Try seeking the help of the experts to know more about the topic

A vague statement of an essay

One thing that matters the most in the essay is clarity in writing to understand and grasp things easily. What do you perceive from the topic? How you’re claiming the facts? Most of the students don’t focus on making the essay narrative. Whether it’s because of time constraints, students must avoid a vague writing style in essay writing.

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If the topic is about ‘why’ and ‘how,’ then it’s important to answer and mention the reasons appropriately. A good essay will let the readers know everything related to the topic.

How to avoid it?

  • After essay writing, read & review the essay to find if all the details are mentioned
  • Perform good research to gather information
  • Understand what the topic exactly requires

Not checking the plagiarism

There are strict guidelines for plagiarism in essay writing. Thus, plagiarism needs to be avoided in any academic writing task. If professors find out any plagiarism, then there are chances of rejection of your essay by them. The students who’re in a jiffy to submit the essay forget to check plagiarism. Here is what you need to do to avoid the plagiarism mistake-

  • You must cite the references in the essay
  • List the sources as well as a bibliography at the end of the essay
  • Try to write the essay in your words
  • If you’re taking any idea, then must rephrase it
  • Find relevant details from the sources to make the essay fresh and unique

Not following the essay structure

There’s a structure of drafting an essay that needs to be followed. When anyone reads your essay, they should be able to clearly find the opening paragraph, main body, conclusion, and references. Each of the essay’s components has its usefulness that makes your essay clear and concise. Without having these components in your essay, readers won’t find them impressive.

What to avoid?

  • Ensure proper opening paragraph with an insight of what is going to be in the main content.
  • Categorize the main body into small paragraphs and make sure to link them for more clarity.
  • Summarize the essay with 3-4 strong sentences at the end
  • To avoid the problem of plagiarism, mention references after the conclusion
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Repeating the mistake of not proofreading

When students are in a hurry to submit the essay, they don’t think of proofreading it. This is exactly where the real problem starts for the students. It’s almost impossible to write the essay perfectly without any error from the beginning of the essay to the end.

If you are reviewing and proofreading the essay, then you’ll find many errors in spelling, punctuation, factual, and grammar. Proofreading is something that you should never avoid as it lets you know where you’ve made mistakes.

What to do to avoid this mistake?

  • Check if there’s a connection between paragraphs and sentences
  • Remove generic sentences or subheadings
  • Look if you’ve kept short paragraphs

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