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Protest over Gaza war, begins Suspension of Students at Columbia University

During demonstrations in support of Palestine against Israel’s war in the United States, clashes broke out between protesters and police at the University of Texas and dozens of people were detained, while Columbia University issued orders to suspend students.

According to the Associated Press news agency, the protests are angered by the increasing death toll from the Gaza war and the arrests of 1,000 students on campuses across the country as classes close.
College administrations in America have appealed to pro-Palestinian protesters to end the protest camps.

The protests have spread to Europe, with French police evicting dozens of students from the Sorbonne University after pro-Palestinian protesters occupied the university’s main square.

According to the Canadian Press, student protest camps began at the University of Ottawa in Canada, McGill University in Montreal and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

At least 40 protesters were arrested Monday at the University of Texas at Austin, attorneys said. Another group of protesters drove a van full of police and arrestees between buildings, causing a crowd to gather and officers using pepper spray and flash-bang devices to disperse the crowd.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott reposted a video of the state troopers’ arrival on social media, saying ‘no encampment will be allowed.’ Arrested.

Students at Columbia on Monday defied a 2:00 p.m. deadline to leave about 120 protest camps on the school’s Manhattan campus.

Protesters at Yale set up a new camp on Sunday after police arrested 50 people. They have been informed by a Yale official that they may face suspension and possible arrest if they continue to demonstrate.

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Yale said in a statement Monday that while it supports peaceful protest and free speech, it does not tolerate policy violations such as camping. School officials have said the protests are taking place near residential colleges where many students are busy preparing for final exams.

Northwestern University says it has reached an agreement with students and faculty that allows peaceful protests through the end of spring classes on June 1.

Christina H. Paxton, president of the school at Brown University in Rhode Island, has offered protest leaders a meeting with officials to discuss their position on the withdrawal of Israeli-linked companies in exchange for dismantling a camp.

In a letter to student protesters in Columbia, school officials said exams are starting and graduation is about to begin.

“We request you to remove the camp so that we do not deprive your fellow students, their families and friends of this important opportunity.”

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