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YouTube’s Decision to Take Action Against those who don’t Watch ads

California: Video streaming platform YouTube is going to introduce a feature that works against ad blockers in mobile devices.

In an update released on Monday, YouTube said that users who watch videos on YouTube using a third-party ad-blocking app may experience buffering issues and messages such as ‘This content is not available for your app’. Is.

Last year, YouTube launched a global effort to encourage users to watch ads during videos and upgrade to YouTube Premium. The platform had started disabling videos for users with ad-blocking extensions turned on, but YouTube says the company’s policies don’t allow third-party apps to block ads because doing so could harm the creator’s revenue. I get interrupted.

The platform is targeting ad blockers used in mobile devices that help users watch YouTube without any ads in the ad blocking app.

According to YouTube, the company only allows third-party apps to use their API that adhere to YouTube’s rules. When a company learns an app is violating these regulations, it takes appropriate steps to protect its platform, creators and viewers.

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